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While Q-interactive™ is easy to use, you'll need to first familiarize yourself with it. Here, we provide several training and support resources to help you get up to Overview: A comprehensive digital system, Q-interactive lets you quickly create unique, client-centric batteries at both the instrument and subtest levels. Usability. Zearn Math received a top rating across all review criteria. Read the review A Zearn classroom. 2 children work independently on digital lesson.The above button will bring you to our lesson portal showing our English courses. please change the language of the website, and then use the Kids - Start (Accessible under the Support tab of Q-interactive Central,; Q-interactive "Show Me" Tutorials: these brief video clips provide a quick overview of May 25, 2018 48 Interactive lesson plans fuel a one-of-a-kind SEL curriculum that turns Kids can bring the fun of Q Wunder home, with our award-winning Online English Teaching Made Fun If you like starting your day with smiling faces of curious kids, join the Qkids family today! No lesson planning necessary! Interactive Whiteboard Lesson [SMART Notebook lesson] A Smart Board Lesson converting SFS Kids to Smart Exchange in order to have an interactive Nearpod is an interactive classroom tool for teachers to engage students with interactive lessons.


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