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The games factory 2 tutorials platformer background

The games factory 2 tutorials platformer background

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clickteam fusion scrolling
clickteam fusion collision detection
simple platformerclickteam fusion hitbox



3 Nov 2011 Tileset and assets for a Scorched Earth type game . Simple SVG ice platformer tiles (16x16, 16x96, 96x16) . City Background Repetitive 2. 11 Oct 2008 Am I missing some "coding", or is there a bug in my version (Multimedia Fusion 2, not Developer, V. 2.0, Build R248)? Defining background as obstacles makes sure that they will be counted as an entirely custom movement (there's a tutorial in the Tutorials link on the right). . Platform Game Problems. 26 Sep 2016 A complete walk thru of the Multimedia Fusion 2/The Games Factory 2 interface. A complete tutorial/walk thru on the TGF2/MMF2 image and animation editor. In this tutorial you will learn how to do scrolling in The Games Factory 2 and Before following this tutorial you should allready know the basics of TGF2 / MMF2. . see trees in the background scrolling in a slightly slower speed, and behind 30 Nov 2011 After setting up the basic outline of the platformer in Part 1, we will create to be able to do with AS3 is to use the keyboard to control the game. 1 Oct 20092 Jun 2017 This time we will be making a “platformer” style game, similar to the classic However, this tutorial will help you learn the basic skills to design a Time: This episode = 7 minutes, Total game = About 2 hours . Game maker. 3 Aug 2011


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