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February 2010 Blog Posts (6)

Low Art and High: Learn the Craft of Comics/Comix/Manga/Graphic Novels

...Seriously, I am culture STARVED in Northern Maine. I did not go get a Papaya Joe’s hotdog. I have no money for fashionable clothes from SoHo. I did not run to a deli in Queens. CBGB’s was dead (albeit unofficially) in 2001. I MISS MY…


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What Is Printmaking Today?

PHILADELPHIA — The fine art of printmaking is not what it used to be. To produce printed images using tools more sophisticated than potatoes and rubber stamps once required the esoteric knowledge of an alchemist and the manual skills of a surgeon. Today anyone with the right software and a good color printer can make… Continue

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Turning Steel Into Lace

Cal Lane, 39, grew up on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, and studied welding, planning to use the technique to make art (and, if that proved impossible, simply to make a living). Some sculptors, including Richard Serra, who has called welding “a form of stitching,” use the technique to join pieces of metal. Ms. Lane, by contrast, uses her torch to cut baroque… Continue

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Donald Russel

I went to DVSA with this guy. Encaustic painting is really amazing when you see it in the flesh... get me my iron!

Donald Russell

there are no available photos to link to on the site.

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Professor Rix

This guy is spectacular, a master of the photoshop. Take a gander:

Aaron Rix

He is one of the collaborators who formed the: pod collective

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The Mighty Phong

A friend of mine whom i met on a distant island long, long ago has a wicked site jammed full of useful photoshop tutorials. For those of you interested in the digital arts check out his page. It is well worth the gander. In addition to PS there are tutorials on Flash and Adobe Illustrator. I have read them to gain conceptual wisdom but lack the discipline to create master works such his.

the link: Phong…


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