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AI: Rampage Download Ubuntu

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About This Game

Tactical stealth action in a post-apocalyptic settings!

Fight against the robots and reclaim the land! Attempt to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where it seems like everything wants you dead!

  • Stealth Action!
  • Intelligent enemy AI includes visibility and audibility parameters
  • The use of many of the game's vehicles
  • Futuristic weapons and items - Frickin' Lasers, invisibility cloaking devices and holograms!

When, finally, the dust of the battle settles, who will stand victorious? Complex intelligence, durability and brute force, or human ingenuity?

The choice is yours.


Title: AI: Rampage
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Sekerin Productions
New Reality Games
Release Date: 25 Jan, 2016


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nice graphics. nice "mini-trailer". nice theme. bad game. bad menus. bad speed. bad controls. bad customizations. too slow. too hard in the beginning.. Garbage . you want to win the game ? then don't get out of the bunker. I have no idea what to think.

Upon purchase and first load, My computer assumed this was malware. I reported this as soon as I could to steam, as malware is popular on the servers because the market exists and people want to steal other folks objects. (Sad fact of steam) inb4 the insane difficulty spikes and near unplayable gameplay. If you take too much time being methotical and strategic you will die from wind. A global timer will kill you. Ok. Gay as hell but ok. Then the game refused to work after I closed the screen one time. I uninstalled and did cache checks, nothing has helped. Can you guess if the developer is able to be contacted? (SPOILER: NOPE)

On the bright side it was created and coded completely by scratch, thats a nice change of pace from lazy \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 developers who borrow used assets and force shovelware. Thats it.

It has achievements and cards. Yup.. The premise of the game is pretty simple, gather supplies, fight robots and survive! Sounds simple enough right? WRONG! These robots are rutheless and can hear you from a good distance away, I recommend doing very little running in this game unless you can fight off the robots who will surround you in no time. Funny enough the game reminds me of terminator a lot, not because of the world setting but some of the models look very similar, now we know where they got their inspiration from!

Full Review: you are an Syrians
and trying to escape. Hard as anything, or maybe I suck. Control scheme is...not the best, game is barely explained, and even on the easiest difficulty I couldn't walk a foot out of the bunkers without being spotted almost straight away.

Shows some promise of an interesting little stealth game, but...not executed well.. Not recommended, overall a frustrating game. Robots seem to always be camping all of the bunkers, so getting started is probably the hardest part. The invisibility doesn't seem to work that great or sometimes even at all, and outrunning the robots is not going to happen.. Avoid it even if its free.. This is a top down twin-stick stealth game in a Terminator like future where robots rule the earth and you need to survive using stealth as your key ally. This is a good concept but the implementation falls flat.

Low effort top down pixel graphics make the game look bad. The gameplay is very, very difficult to the point that it's not really enjoyable, even the first tutorial level is a struggle. I didn't have fun playing it so I can't recommend it.

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