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Amberskull Download] [Crack Serial Key

Amberskull Download] [Crack Serial Key

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About This Game

In a dusty, dark corner of an old shabby room, a TV crackles to life and a collection of VHS tapes call to you. Prepare to embark on a journey through a dark forest, a frozen wasteland, a mysterious ocean and an abandoned facility. Each location you visit is shrouded in secrets hidden in plain sight…but be aware, not everything is as it seems.


  • Heart-pounding fear and stressful fun
  • Each location you visit has its own unique feel & challenges
  • An overarching mystery that is waiting to be solved
  • After completing an area, you can unlock an extreme remixed version of that area
  • Find collectibles hidden through the game

Title: Amberskull
Genre: Action, Indie
Charlie Behan
Charlie Behan
Release Date: 13 Apr, 2018

English,French,German,Japanese,Korean,Polish,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Turkish

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Havent beaten the game yet but I had fun with what I have played. For anyone who has seen the movie V\/H\/S and wanted to be the one in the videos and not just watch them this games is a great. It has 4 short horror stories each with a different mechanic revolving around the area you end up in. If you have not seen V\/H\/S don't watch it but the game is still good.

I do 1.7 tapes in the video if you want to judge for yourself whether or not if it is worth it
https:\/\/\/5I1mJ-icZWA<\/a>. Amberskull is really fun and the fact that is only 5 euro for 4 mini-games makes it an easy purchase.. While the Ocean tape was a little lackluster, the rest stood out and the game overall was pretty good, with extreme tapes to give you a challenge if you so choose.
Overall, if you like indie horror games, you'll dig this.. Seen CJU...

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