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About This Game

Civitatem is a medieval city builder where you help your villagers raise a new settlement in dangerous lands, by making use of their skills and available world resources. Shape the future of your people by managing and assigning the most skilled villager for each task. Educate them and research new technologies, fight off the natural elements or raiders, explore the land for new villages to develop new trades routes, acquire new technologies and develop diplomatic relations.

The most important resource are your villagers, each specialized in some areas, gaining experience each time they perform a task. Educate them in schools and libraries to allow them to perform more complex tasks and jobs. Besides education, the health of your people is imperative, so herbalists and doctors are also quite important.

Nature has always had her way since the beginning of time, so be prepared each season to face storms, disease, quakes and other events. Gaining high education, technology and constructing a strong settlement will help you survive in these troublesome times, but be prepared to defend your village from raiders, wild animals and unfriendly neighbors.


  • Procedural Maps - Territory Maps and Land maps are procedural generated along with the resources.
  • Villager Needs - Each villager has a certain numbers of needs for him to survive. Not fulfilling his needs like having access to food, shelter and water, might lead to the villager's death or him and his family departing your lands..
  • Dynamic Events - Every season is a challenge. From a chance to being raided by some greedy raiders, getting attacked by wildlife or experiencing a natural disaster, there is no time to relax, unless you are prepared. Not all events are negative. There are also positive events that might help your village grow faster.
  • Seasons, Day and Night cycle and Weather - Seasons are important due to weather, temperature and times to harvest and plant crops.
  • Research System - By educating and acquiring books for your people you can develop new technologies ranging from military to farming and architecture. Some technologies will be unlocked only when you perform certain actions.
  • Territory Exploration and Trade - Besides your territory, you can send scouts to search the land for other villages and points of interest with which you can interact, providing rewards ranging from acquiring new books for your research. Trade with other villages for books or other goods.
  • [In Development] - Advanced Crafting - having the best armors, weapons and tools is the route to success in these dangerous lands.
  • [In Development] - Combat and Diplomacy - Defend your territory against raiders, aggressive neighbors and later, even attack back. Develop trade treaties or other diplomatic relations.

Title: Civitatem
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
LW Games
LW Games
Release Date: 18 May, 2018


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Great Early Access Title! I backed a while ago and I have to say I am impressed with the alpha before Steam and the roadmap from the developer sounds GREAT! This is totally my style of God/village/city builder that I love!

Deffinatly inspired by Prison Architect and banished!

Join up in discord! The dev will troll you, watch out! heheh Just kidding, he is a very nice and funny guy. Very nice city builder. I followed it for a while and its getting better with each update. Waiting for more content!. I wouldn't really recommend this game. The controls are pretty difficult to figure out and there isn't a visual tutorial, only a list of instructions to start off.. EDIT: Wasn't working on my PC. Eventually got it to work after re-downloading DirectX.. Civitatem feels to me like a mix of the classic builders features with games like Rimworld and Banished, but with its own identity. Quite fun so far. Beware of the seasons and random events :)). good game , i like the idea.
does not have a lot of things to do.
finished it in 3 hours.

looking forward for more updates.

note: I think it should be cheaper for what it has now.

Similar game to RimWorld ( this one is deep, have a lot to do) Kind a very basic village game, Several games can outdo this.

Update A 1.60 now live! [UPDATED]:

Update 2:

fixed a bug with smokemeat order goin under 0fixed a bug with villagers wanted to collect resources from the edge of the map. Update A 2.40 is now live!:
Hi Guys,

Before adding more content, i released this A 2.40 update* to optimize the gameflow based on your feedback. More optimization and bug fixing (if needed), will come next week for this version.

*For this update you have to start a new game.


Normal Difficulty has been changed dramatically, into a relaxing and/or learning experience. For a proper challenge choose Hard and Survival.

- During the first year the villagers will consume minimum food, water, energy and tools. Villagers wont get sick during the first year, but they can get wounded from hunting boars. Core villagers start with temporary winter clothes which will expire after the first year. During Normal difficulty you can pause the game instead of slowing time.

Job window system has been improved. On non specialized jobs, the job bars don't change anymore (when the villagers become inactive, ex: going to sleep). Now the system informs you that some of the workers are inactive (Dark Orange color on the job number). You can unassign these villagers even if they are not active, and when they become active, they will return a previous job or idle.

Ctrl + click on the job icons moves the camera to the villagers.

Previous jobs - Now the villager inspector card and villagers list will display the last previous job a villager had. When inactive, it will show his current active job, until he becomes active again.

New message system - A new message system is now available that records a full year of message before deleting them. The scroll bar will be displayed once the mouse is over the message window. Also, by clicking on a message, the camera will scroll to that villager.

Added new sprites for adults and kids.

Road construction has been improved dramatically. The builders will build one after the other, and from time to time will check if a building needs working, since that is priority one.

End game records gold, and ingame global and personal scores windows have been improved. Remember to check Top 100 if you are not in the top 12 on the official site:

More tool tips has been added everywhere.

A better font has been added for tool tips and tutorial.

Building placing has been improved.

Added a new scene for villagers that sleep outside.

Added morale, water and food debuffs. On low values the villagers will move slower and work slower.

Event that destroy buildings tells what type of building it destroyed.

They are now 6 villages to be discovered, with 2 or 1 close to the player city (around 2-3 tiles).


- no more bugs with the villagers list
- fixed some bugs with the scouts, still needs more work.
- fixed scouts don't get wounded during the plague events.
- fixed a problem with people not getting married until they had tools or other situations.
- fixed a bug with villagers stuck at/under the fishery.
- fixed a bug on restart with time speed and game scale.
- fixed a missing tool tip for hunting deer.
- fixed a bug with the bakery and fishermans.
- fixed a bug where, the game didn't count how many times you finished the game.
- fixed several minor and medium bugs.. Civitatem - Patch A 1.01:
Hi Guys,

Update II: If you have problems with antivirus programs like Avast read here for help:

Update: Fixed a bug with the game getting stuck on loading, after exiting the map and starting a new game. Added more early adopters in the villager generator.

I released a small patch to fix some memory leak, to fix the launch on Steam problem that some people had, and to fix the problem with regenerating food and trees during Spring season, that some people encountered.

Some people found the game too easy, others a bit too hard, and some thought the game is too short. The thing is, Civitatem is now in Alpha 1, so expect more layers of complexity added each month, that means more content and features. Smaller patches will also be release each week, to fix certain bugs, or add small parts of content and features.

Thank you for your support,

. Civitatem Dev Blog 5# - First steps:

Hi Guys,

With the first version for the early adopters a few days away, i released new blog post to explain some of the core features.

You first step in Civitatem is to gather the necessary materials to build a stockpile. While builders can get the necessary raw materials from the ground (after they are mined or cut), a stockpile is necessary to gather all construction materials in one place for fast delivery. Since you can build only one stockpile at the moment, the location of the building is quite important.

Following the completion of a stockpile, you must develop of strategy on what to build next. A barn for food? Housing for your villagers? Time passes and villagers only work between 5 AM and 8 PM. After that, they rest, sleep, eat and do other activities which you don’t have control over, unless there is an emergency.

Villagers can be assigned to jobs through the job UI. Large type jobs like farming, cutting wood, or foraging can be assigned to a large number of villagers, while specialized jobs like blacksmithing, hunting and similar, can only be assigned to only one villager per building. Since each villager has its own skills, you can assign them manually by clicking on them, or by using the villagers list since the job UI assigns jobs randomly and doesn’t take in consideration skills.

Besides housing, food is quite important, since it decays every season. So whatever you gathered/produced this season, next season if is not preserved (like meat to smoked meat by using salt), is destroyed. If you build a village hall, certain stats will be gathered for you to understand how much food and other resources are used by village. It’s also important to have high skilled farmers planting seeds in the spring so you can harvest raw food sources at the beginning of autumn. After that, the raw food is transported to the barn and you need to build or assign specialized villagers to produce food from these raw materials. Example: Raw Grain goes to Barn > Baker takes it to the Windmill > Processed grain goes to the Bakery and Bread is made.

Each villager has several attributes and skills where the most important are health, energy and morale. Morale is the formed from all the needs, random events and certain resources if available. Each skill is increased by small margin when the villager successfully completes an action on his job. Having a low morale for a number of seasons, a villager and his family might decide to leave your village.

Your population is increased with high morale families that have a chance to make children each season. Children age to 16 in one year, when they can start working. Up to that age will try to help with housing chores, like getting food for the family house, water and other resources.

Temperature is also a factor since villagers cannot work if is too cold, unless they have proper clothes (produced from hides by the Hunter or later, by a tailor from flax or cotton), or if is too hot, they need to take pauses to drink water. Some might even get sick, but if you have a Herbalist he should take care of the problem, but it will take time based on the gravity of the illness.

That’s it for now. Thanks for your support,

LW Games. Civitatem – Update A 1.20 is now live!:

Update: Deployed a hot fix for the herbalist, there was a problem with the herbalist house, not freeing the patients bed properly and not healing. (wait 1 hour in-game and it will be fixed, save compatible)

Hi Guys,

After reading just about every feedback available from Steam comments, Discord, Youtube, got back to work and today i released, Civitatem – update A 1.20.

I. Customize your Village Elder! – You can now customize your Village Elder before starting a new game. (start a new game, loading old version saves wont work this time) Starting with Name, Fam Name , Gender, the Village name and two specializations point to invest into two skills.

II. Game Difficulty – Since many complained that the game is either too hard or too easy, and since i didn’t want to break my design, i decided to give you more choices, so now they are 3 difficulties to choose from:

Normal – is more on a casual side, the villager get sick less often, village elder doesn’t loose tools durability, events start after one year

Hard – it’s similar to older version with a few tweaks

Survival – it’s basically ironman (you can only save on exiting the game slot
3), with events starting to occur from the first season.

III. Mining Priority – Many complained about this so i implemented a mining priority for Miners. By default they mine stone, but you can change that with one click, if you have other resources selected on the map.

IV. Injuries / Wounds / Diseases – I reworked how injuries work. Now the villagers, will work until they pass out, well kind of. They will go to the herbalist if:

a) if above 50% HP – they will go only when not busy working and the herbalist has the treatments needed (herbs or orange potions)

b) under 50% HP – but above 25% – they will go the herbalist as fast is possible if treatment is available ( orange potions or red potions)

c) 25% and below HP – they will pass out on the ground, and a herbalist will get them to the their house. If he stays there (on the ground) for more than 3 hours, he will bleed out and die (not if he is the Village Elder).

For every villager that is injured/wounded/sick, his travel speed will decrease based on the severity of his wounds.

V. Misc:

– Tutorial Window can be dragged and moved on the screen.
– jobs window lags less, and is updated more often when changing jobs.
– Nights pass 40% faster than Daylight
– more early adopters were added to the villager generator and credits.
– doubled resources on walls until trading is added.
– hunters will refuse to hunt if their health is less than 60%, but they will do other activities (getting meat from dead animals or crafting leather)
– wild boars provide 10 meat and deer 5 instead of 10.
– when most of the events occur, the camera will scroll to that event.

VI. Bugs:

– fixed some problems with some events
– fixed some problems with UI not scaling properly on 1280 displays (including messages, UI and Tutorial)
– fixed a problem with builders refusing to work after some events.
– villager should now loose their jobs far less often
– fixed a bug with placing buildings while clicking on the bottom right buttons.
– fixed a bug with miners refusing to mine walls, if there was no stockpile
– fixed a bug with the hunter not goin to herbalist.

Thank for your support,

LW Games

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