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About This Game

Welcome to Corma.

You find yourself stranded on the beach on the Island Of Corma. In order to survive you have to find food and clean water. Explore the island and its story, but be carefull.. The wildlife on Corma is watching you.. Collect resources to build a shelter or a home. Find old towns or hidden places and look for rare items. Maybe you find something you can use? b4d347fde0

Title: Corma
Genre: Action, Adventure, Free to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Strategy, Early Access
Nemo Studios
Nemo Studios
Release Date: 23 Jan, 2019


New Patch Live!:
Hello everyone and happy new year!

Here's todays patch notes:

*Added some weapons, they are craftable and "findable" ;)

*Enabled two buttons in the menu, "Store" and "Credits"

In Store there's a link to a donation site. The game will be free so if you want to support the game and my work you now can :)

*Did some work in the menu overall.

*Fixed some minor bugs that been written in our discord "Bug-Reports" channel.

Nemo. Bug Fix 21 Jul 2017:
Just a quick update

- fixed a bug that made the game crash when a character has 0 speed
- fixed a passability issue in Merak River map
- added default character in font to solve crash. Beta v7.10, the Assassin:
Hi everyone, the "current" branch has been updated to Beta v7.10. Here's what's new:

- assassin character added
- rebalanced classes, skills and equipment
- restructured the Help section
- removed three-tiers online mode
- campaign candidate units increased to 48 and high ranked unit made less common
- fixed a bug on damage calculation including adjacent characters that can't attack the target
- increased dead characters timeout
- fixed a bug on HP/MP when comparing equipment

As you can see, it's a big update, which explains why it has been a while since the last time.
The highlight of this update is of course the Assassin!

The Assassin is a melee unit with a high movement range and relatively low HP. It can acquire a skill that allows him to throw his knives and he can also use shurikens, although you cannot buy those in shops, you'll have to get them as loot or recruit units that come with them equipped.

Work on the Sorceress character has started.

I also made a massive update on the whole game balance, affecting classes, weapons, protections and skills. The idea behind it is to avoid that characters quickly become overpowered after gaining just a few levels.

The Help section has been restructured and it will make it easier to add content.

I removed the three types of competitive online gameplay, there is just Online for ranked matches and Online Dev for unranked matches where your characters can level up.

Opt in the "current" branch to try this update. I'll extend this to the default branch as soon as I get some feedback and (hopefully few) bug reports.

Have fun and share like mad! :)



If you open the Properties of the game from your Steam Library, you'll see a BETAS tab.
In this tab there's a drop down list of branches you can opt into. Type the following password in the code box:


and this will give you access to the "current" branch of the game. As you select it, the game will update and you'll be able to play v7.10.
You can swap back to v7.9 but be aware this will delete your savegame.. Closed Beta now LIVE!:
Closed beta testing is now live!

Join our discord for key and invite! :). Release:
As of 1 Jan 2019, Hartacon Tactics has ended its Early Access phase and is officially released.

Please keep the feedback coming, in form of reviews, discussions and bugs reports as development is by no means suspended.
The focus from now on is consolidation though, therefore if you would like to share ideas for new features or game mechanics, your contribution is greatly welcomed but don't expect any mayor tranformations.

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