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Dan Gibbons at Truck Contemporary Art in Calgary

Dan Gibbons (Montreal)
Runs from December 10, 2009 through to Janua...

Caterpillar Dreams is an investigation into the images of childhood imagination and memory as a manipulator of space. The installation creates an environment for lighthearted, extravagant, indulgent, and theatrical meeting of parodies. Expressed through the costumed persona of a caterpillar and its symbolic reading as transformative, the animal costume acts as a negotiator between the adult and the child; while the maquettes of buildings and houses are built from memory, and function as spatial sketches of insular spaces. Caterpillar Dreams aims to create a space where personal memories can manifest into self-parody and the comedy of this can reconcile with its underlying tragedy.

Dan Gibbons

Dan Gibbons is an artist based in Montréal, QB. Gibbons holds a BFA from Lakehead University, and is currently working towards his MFA at Concordia University.

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