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Deep Fear Full Movie Download In Italian Hd

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Original Title: Deep Fear

Genge: Action,Adventure,Horror,Sci-Fi











































Survival horror game made for the Sega Saturn console and inspired by Resident Evil survival horror game and The Thing and Leviathan movies. Ex-Navy SEAL John Mayor is in a deep-sea research facility on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. A strange shuttle crash lands nearby and a dormant ape is found inside. The ape was sent to space in the shuttle decades ago and has somehow survived all this time. Unfortunately, the ape and a shuttle bring alien cells with them that begin turning everyone in the facility into gruesome mutants. John must think of a way to stop the virus and escapes, or if that fails, blow everything up and stop the infection from spreading. However, some of the uninfected people he meets in the facility believe that the ape might be holding the cure for the infection. Either way, John doesn't know who to trust anymore, since the only person he knows for sure is not infected (due to a cold that repels the virus) is himself. The mutants can't survive in areas with high levels of oxygen, so they destroy the oxygen pump. John must now beat the virus, the mutants and the ticking clock. The game uses the same style, fixed camera angles and concepts as Resident Evil, although the controls are somewhat improved.
A capsule with an ape sent to space decades ago crash lands in the Pacific near a deep-sea research facility. An alien virus begins mutating everyone there. Ex-Navy SEAL John Mayor must save them and the ape might hold the key.

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