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Original Title: The Crest Of Friendship

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Family,Fantasy,Sci-Fi,Thriller
















































Joe and Gomamon are on a beach away from everything and everyone else, they start looking for Matt and after a while they do find his boat. Matt is now where around. Meanwhile, WarGreymon fights Piedmon but he needs the help of the other Digimon and fast. Matt thinks that he is not needed anymore and his fear creates a cave that he is soon lost in. Gabumon finally gets Matt to realize that he really is needed by the others and the cave soon disappears. Sora ends up in the same type of cave after finding Matt's boat but not him..she becomes very depressed. The others find her and climb down in to save her. They help her to understand what she must do to make this cave disappear and soon she is free. Everyone then goes to help Tai in the battle against Piedmon. Gabumon gains more power after Matt realizes that he and Tai are better friends now than ever before.


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