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Eggys Games Flash Collection Torrent Full

Eggys Games Flash Collection Torrent Full

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About This Game

The Eggys Games Flash Collection is a gigantic collection of all games released by Eggys Games which includes 22 full games! This is the collection of over 10 years of work that have been released over the years. The entire collection gives you every single game plus bonus extras showing behind the scenes documents of each game explaining how the idea was thought of, some of the coding behind it, bonus art and how well that game did. It features some popular games like Draw-Play which were viral hits. Now you can own the copy on your computer and have the .exe version for when Flash gets un-supported in the future. Not only that but you are supporting Eggys Games that has strived to provide you with unique indie games for 10 years for almost completely free, this is your chance to give back if you have ever enjoyed any of these games.

Included in this pack is

- 22 Full games
- 22 Behind the Scenes documents of each game 7ad7b8b382

Title: Eggys Games Flash Collection
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Eggys Games
Release Date: 31 Jan, 2019


  • OS: 95
  • Processor: 33MHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Any
  • Storage: 700 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Any
  • Additional Notes: Will work on any old computer


These games kept me up all night, so much fun!!. 22 games is a great many games for the low price of $2.70 in the dollar of Australia. That is just 12c per game! Wow!\u0335\u0356\u032d\u0333 Assuming a 6 month development cycle average with an averag\u0358\u0333\u031f\u032c\u032ae daily development schedule of 6 hours per day including weekends, this is just 0.000005c per hour of game development t-t\u031c\u033bi\u0321\u0324\u0349\u0318\u0345\u0353ime! This is an outrageously low value to put on the last 15 years of the developer's life but I guess the games are made in Flash, the unho\u035e\u0330\u032c\u033c\u0329\u0353\u0320\u0332l\u0345\u0347\u0354\u032c\u0353y\u035f\u0356 cousin of all game development platforms, possibly justifying this low low price.

The games themselves are of the highest quality imaginable. Being primarily written in ActionScript 2 as seen in the extremely well-presented h\u035d\u0355e\u035d\u0354\u032a\u0359\u0333\u0324ll\u035a\u0359p\u032e\u034e\u032b\u032b \u035c\u0353\u0319m\u035c\u0348\u032c\u0331e\u0361\u0348e behind-the-scenes documents means that these were the highest calibre of development for their time - no dirty, under-performing MY EYES\u0341\u032c\u032b\u0353\u031f\u0348\u0329\u031e MY EYES C, C++ or C# code here! My favourite of the collection is definitely The Infection, because it most closely resembles the infecti\u032d\u0356\u0319\u0318\u034d\u0320\u033ao\u0361\u0323\u0319u\u0355s\u031f\u032c\u032b\u0326 happiness I feel when I boot it up on my GTX 1080Ti, which I purchased specifically for the extremely d-Da!?-dang\u0341\u0355\u0348\u033ber\u032a\u0354\u0339\u0323o\u0358\u032e\u0333\u0332\u0349u\u035d\u034es high quality graphics in this collection. The games containing eggs are especially amazing to me, because of the high level of difficulty in creating SPAwn more over\u0337\u032fL\u0362\u0333\u0332\u0324\u0326\u033c\u032dO\u032b\u0325\u031d\u032e\u0324\u0326\u0317R\u0334\u0326\u033a\u0339\u032f\u0325\u0347DS the artwork, which the creator has absolutely nailed with the precision of a surgeon's knife - the perfect curvature, the glistening surfaces, the eyes that upon meeting with your own tell the story of what it really means to be the potential host of u\u031d\u0345\u0317n\u035a\u034d\u031d\u0330\u031ddead uNnnde\u034f\u035a\u0332\u0347\u0353a\u032a\u0353\u0353\u0353\u032f\u032d\u034dd\u033a\u031d chicken life.

The inclusion of the behind-the scenes material is an amazing bonus - it is clear that hours upon hours went into crafting these divine grimoires of (n\u0360\u035e\u034f\u0317\u0349\u0354\u032d\u032e\u031e\u033ae\u0489\u0320\u0316c\u0321\u0341\u035c\u0332\u032c\u0332r\u0341\u0361\u034d\u031d\u0316\u0359o\u0331\u034d\u0356\u0317m\u035c\u035f\u033b\u032ba\u0315\u0361\u0337\u0354\u035a\u0349\u0319\u0345\u035a\u0324\u033an\u034f\u0336\u0318\u0318\u034e\u034e\u0330\u034e\u0339\u0359\u0349c\u032e\u0355\u031d\u0331\u0326\u032fy\u0360\u031b\u0328\u0320\u031f\u0331\u032b) game creation knowledge and deep developer retrospect. I even managed to pick up some new coding ideas to improve my own code while reading them, which is quite rare after almost a decade of the P!Ain the pAi\u0345\u032e\u0356\u0349n\u0340\u0361\u0320\u033b\u034d\u031f coding professionally!

Extremely fun and nostalgia-triggering. 4\/10.. I LIVE FOR THIS GAME BOI

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