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Fire On The Amazon Movie In Hindi Hd Free Download

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Original Title: Fire On The Amazon

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama













































In Bolivia's Amazon basin, corporate cattle ranches are replacing the rain forest. When Santos, charismatic leader of the union of rubber tappers, forges an alliance with Indians to protest deforestation, he is assassinated. O'Brien, a US photo-journalist who has no skills as an investigator, wants a story when he thinks the police have framed and murdered an innocent Indian as the assassin. In his search for the truth, he involves Lysa Rothman, who worked for Santos and with whom he falls in love. As he gets deeper into trouble with the cops and the real assassin, he not only needs Lysa's help but that of the Indians' leader. How many will die so O'Brien can get his story?
There is a reason this movie was shelved for, how long? 7 years? This should be the first hint.

At any rate, I watched this movie with an open mind. I wanted to like it, and enjoy myself, but there just was not much to it. An Idiot reporter runs around p***ing off the locals and Sandra Bullock meets up with him. I guess there is some environmental activist named santos that meets and unfortunate end, and they are sort of involved. The plot of this movie is so really hard to follow. Maybe because there really is not much of a plot at all. The last 15min are sort of exciting, only because you know it's almost over so you can do something else.

Yes, Sandra has a love scene. No it's exciting enough to watch this movie.

Ever watched a movie that made you keep looking at the VCR to see how long you had been watching it? That is This Movie!

Movie gets a nice big 2 out of 10 from me. In France, the first movie of Bullock has always been linked with "Judge Dredd" and in some way, she has been "discovered" by Sly. So I got surprised to discover in a cheap DVDs store ("all for 5 euros") a movie before this first one and also called her beginning.

When you see the trailer, it's looks like a horror movie happening in the south American jungle but as you watch it, you can see that it is just plain reality: the fight for forest, Indians versus owners.

I don't like Spanish culture so my interest was low but I really appreciated the shooting in real locations! The rhythm was good for an hour but exploded with the explosion sequence because it degenerated then in a very low action movie. But, bad script or not, Bullock is a really a charming and talented actress, right from her start"s".
Besides the R-rated version, an unrated version has also been released in the US, but that doesn't make it better at all. Even die hard fans of Sandra Bullock better be careful here. On the one hand, there are some of the very rare nude scenes of her in it. However, it doesn't change the fact that the movie is average at best. Anyone still interested should get the unrated version, due to better image quality.
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