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World renowned Canadian Artist, Micheal Snow, has a number of his video installations on at the Power Plant Gallery. The show is going by the title Recent Snow and consists of some of the latest and greatest experimental videos by the artist. The piece Piano Sculpture is the most over whelming of the videos on display. The piece is 4 videos of the artist playing piano solos. The overlapping of the videos creates a strange and sometimes grating music. This is a classic Snow piece with its use of Noise Music.

Nothing to Declare is also on at the power plant. The display is largely contemporary sculpture from a variety of Canadian Artists. The pieces range from found art assemblages to cast ceramic cups. The piece that stands out in the display is a figure created from wigs, It is about 4 feet tall and is wearing high heels.

Four of Garret Walker's photographs from his "Sled-head" series are on display at the Harbourfront centre in Toronto. The pictures are from a snowmobile swap meet, and depict various snow machines and snowmobile enthusiasts. The photos are large inkjet prints. For all of those photography people out there check out his website:Garett Walker

Outside the Harbourfront centre along the water are a series of photos taken from bush planes in Northern Canada. The series is intended to give Torontonians a glimpse of the great expanse of Canada. The photos were very striking in that they showed a part of Canada that doesn't normally get seen by the average citizen. They chronicle human impact on the north and raise questions of sustainability and conservation. The project involves the native communities of the north and tells the story of the plunder of the north by big business.

The AGO is looking good with its recent Frank Gehry make over. The grand front hall is home to some spectacular works by the Italian artist Guiseppe Penone. The artist has cut away the exterior of large logs to reveal the young tree that is at its core. All the works are large in scale, except for one. It is a branch which has grown through a photograph. The photo is a portrait of Guiseppe and the branches have grown through his eyes skewering the photo

the new hall

The king Tut exhibit at the AGO is a bit of a let down. It is interesting to see the ancient jewelry and statues, however the beauty of the craftsmanship seemed to be lost to the spectacle of the experience. The intro video to the exhibit is narrated by Harrison Ford and resonates through the entire space, which is a bit distracting. The display feels like an amusement park ride without the little boats floating in stagnant water.

The Alexander Calder Exhibit is exceptionally fun. The Circus music that accompanies the work aids the visuals of the kinetic sculptures. The work will make anyone smile who enjoys miniatures and mobiles. There are also lovely little sketches and wire figures in the space

With all the additional space in the new AGO it would be wise to take an entire day there. 4 hours is not enough time unless you cut out the ridiculously expensive King Tut exhibit.

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