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Gradius III And IV Full Movie 720p Download

Gradius III And IV Full Movie 720p Download ->>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: Gradius III And IV

Genge: Action,Fantasy,Sci-Fi














































What a let down was GRADIUS III on the super famicom. the slowdowns are horrible, technical said the game was too much for the power of Nintendo's super famicom.

in year 2000 Konami decide to bring both games on CD for the playstation2 system. Technical there is no update to the arcade versions. only in Gradius III you can set the speed up&down to avoid slowdowns.

So III will be displayed with sprites, while IV displaying polygon-graphics. The music is based on classic themes of the Gradius History. yes, while the boss rush you hear the classic "boss on parade" theme. nostalgic moments of childhood & youth will often come up to you, while you pick power-up capsules and upgrade the Vic Viper to a powerful spaceship.

so my end review:

GRADIUS III - Prelude of Legends (1989) + : Weapon edit mode, Stage select, Well-designed Bosses - : No update in Graphics, no credits, the cube "challenge"

GRADIUS IV - Resurrection (1998-99) + : colorful good graphics, some good music themes, the boss rush - : no weapon edit mode, some unfair passages, some cheesy music

all in all i say this games are worthful to every nostalgic arcade gamer who misses the old time. for me. i miss it :)

But for all who want the full compilation, should take a look on GRADIUS COLLECTION. all games includes expect of GRADIUS V.

9/10 rating... bye ^^

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