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Original Title: Heatstroke

Genge: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi


















































Gradually people notice the heat index is rising, and that all life on Earth is at risk, for a hoard of alien dinosaurs want to take over; until a soldier and a ex-model step in to take back planet Earth.
A day at the beach is ruined by a group of Sleestacks. The girl from The Wonder Years is now trying to transform herself from a Bikini model to a Bikini photographer. A bunch of Army people from the bar crash a ultralight into the shoot, causing the model/photographer to demand money from Uncle Sam, instead she gets a ride home from a stranger.

Enter the Sleestacks, they have been hiding in the mountains of Hawaii since Land of the Lost was canceled, entering certain peoples REM sleep and making them have fairly benign dreams. When Uncle Sam won't pay up, the Sleestacks go on a killing spree, slicing throats and melting people with their bad breath. One gets chased to a shiny optical effect and a army guy kills him. Army guy puts his hand into effect (OHHH...SHIIINY!) and gets a parasite from SG1 installed. Some more Army people get killed, prompting the model/photographer to ask a Australian army guy for dating advice.

I nodded off for a while around this part, when I woke up, there was a stock missile frigate shot, then a either a badly rendered CGI missile or a editing mistake, a puff of pixels is seen over a stock shot of a mountain, then Winnie macks the Army guy.

I kind of liked this movie,I just wish the Sci-Fi Channel would either cough up for better CGI effects, or subscribe to the less is more rule. McKeller's other scifi movie about Nanobots Gone Wild is much better though. I don't know where to start with this movie.

There's not enough time to describe the many 'features' of this movie and how bad they were.

The script was deplorable. Predictable and cliché ridden. The characters were flat and uninteresting.

The CGI aliens are appallingly bad. Imagine 'Doom' creatures, from the popular computer game and a programmer with no concept of how to make something appear to run along the ground. The composite work is laughable at best. Irritating at worst. Cheaper cartoons from the 80's had better running creatures.

The CGI smoke from the ultralight was awful. It looked like someone was trying to spray it with an aerosol.

The CGI water effect on the mountain was good. When the guy put his hand into it and it moved with his hand, that was very good. That's worth one star.

Every single woman in this movie is superfluous and could have been written out of the plot and replaced by more marines.

You would need to be a total sci-fi junkie to want to watch this, if only to cross it off a list of movies to watch.

Otherwise do yourself a favour and avoid this b-movie. b as in Budget, and a small 'b' as in a small budget... Small as in minute heading towards infinitesimal.

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