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About This Game

Welcome to Hero! A simple 3rd person fantasy action adventure game created by Bakershah Games, a 2 man game studio based in San Francisco, CA. Hero is a game where you the player go on quests in a world with 3 kingdoms. You must unite all 3 kingdoms to defeat a dark enemy that has been unleashed upon your world. The game is meant to be an homage to all the classical Action Adventure games from the 90's. Cheesy dialogue, weird animations, but worlds as a kid you could escape too and loved. That is what Hero wishes to recreate. It is a simplistic adventure game which focuses on 3 basic pillars that people like to do in these games.

1). Exploration: Explore open environments. Think of Witcher 2. Semi open world with linear gameplay.

2). Combat: Fight orcs and dragons throughout the game. We use a simple hack and slash combat system that focuses on precision of attacks rather than button mashing.

3). Dialogue: Throughout the story you will be conversing with many NPC's and the choices you make in those conversations will affect things. Those things might happen immediately at the end of a quest you're on or will be way later in the game where the consequence of your actions will be shown. b4d347fde0

Title: Hero
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Bakershah Games
Bakershah Games
Release Date: 3 Feb, 2017



While I was recording the footage for my First Impressions video I was impressed at what 3 students was capable of and at the same time baffled that the developers would expect a full $10 price tag for a game of this quality. While I do wish to give them praise, as a YouTube Gaming Critic I have a duty to my channel and my viewers to put them first and unfortunately, Hero does not live up to it's asking price.

Buggy, glitchy, and full of some exceptionally painful visual and graphical effects. Within the first half hour several elements were introduced that were clearly meant to have some form of emotional impact, but I found myself having a larger reaction to the fact the Dragon was forced to destroy the gate before flying over it. Also, the deaths of people that we have been given no reason to care about, and then are expected to have a reaction towards. This is the underpinning of poor or incomplete story writing elements.

The combat also is extremely bland and feeling like very little thought was given to it. In addition to that, the audio levels for the terrible voice acting is all over the place. Some moments glaringly loud while others I could barely even register that there was a voice.

All in all it was impressive for 3 College students and this would be a very good $1-2 game. But at $10 it just doesn't have the quality. Give this one a pass until the price comes down.. Great game, I am loving the 90's graphics and rpg play style. Game has a few hiccups but that is expected of any early game development and looking forward to updates. Only just started the game but looking forward to beating and replaying. Recommended for anyone wanting to relive a past rpg for sure.. It's really incredible what a team of 3 college kids were able to do. If their goal was to create an homage to 90's adventures games then I think they're really onto something. Hero is very reminiscent of some indie adventure games from that era. Most notably games like Gothic and Draconus Cult of the Wym come to mind while playing Hero. The game isn't without its flaw however. While I never experienced and crashes or lag I did notice that the dialogue seemed to be playing at different volumes and wasn't placed in 3D space. Some NPC's would sound so quite I'd have to lean in while other were nearly clipping my speakers. These are minor issues and i'm sure will be fixed in time. I'm enjoying the play through. It feels very 90's indie scene.. The games graphics and voice acting is fine for the price of the game. Some nice thought been put into the maps with 2 cities to explore but thats where the game falls down. This IS NOT a role playing game you have no decisions within the game about how the story unfolds beyond some voice choices which just change the last bit of dialogue you get to hear but have no impact on the story. No weapon choices, no levelling, class system, or path choices that you could say that makes a game an RPG.
Leaves us with the battle system within the game, there is no dodge, parry or block mechanics which should boil the game down to a hit and move style but the health button can be used as often as you like with no cool down meaning the best way to fight is to press an attack button and just keep pressing heal.
The game has one boss in it which was no different from another fight, you are shown a dragon fight that just auto-resolves, you are shown big fights which you do not get to take any part in and the story does not go anywhere, resulting in no reward systems built within the game.


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