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Hungry Flame Download No Survey No Password

Hungry Flame Download No Survey No Password

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About This Game

Hungry flame is an action packed, vibrant game. The main goal is saving yourself from the flame that is chasing you.
You are the only one who decides which path to take. Get ready for the fast paced environment and avoid getting terminated by the flame. Use your agility to break through different obstacles. Destroy your foes and use the environment in your favor.

- Fast paced
- Numerous, interesting levels
- Different enemy types
- Unique obstacles and game mechanics
- Delightful and challenging 7ad7b8b382

Title: Hungry Flame
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Just1337 Studio
Just1337 Publisher
Release Date: 8 Mar, 2017


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-Nice colour scheme
-Nice soundtrack (NOT the music)
-Decent emoticons and badges

-Level 16 is literally impossible as theres a "laser" that isint even visible half the time and never turns off
-The slow down time is not needed and breaks the game (doesent make it easier, makes it worst)
-Most levels can be beat by hugging one of the walls
-The music is terrible (That one is a personal opinion)
-Terrible backrounds (From the trading cards)
-\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665t deaths
-\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665t tutorial (it only teaches you how to move)
-It cost money (not alot, but still)
-\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665t achievements (ex:Die 20 times, beat level one, beat level two, use slow mow 20 times)
-Cant use keyboard to select anything once the level is completed (Dosent sound like a big deal, but I'd like to drink my creamy chocolate chill while playing a game, and as simple as this game is, it shouldnt need or have mouse controls)
-At this point I'll say anything to expand the cons list (ex:This)

Anyways, my opinion should be clear on this game... Even though im going to keep playing it because it has become a question of pride.\/index.php?gamepage-appid-586970\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\" >http:\/\/\/index.php?gamepage-appid-586970<\/a>
Thats a link to see all the trading cards, emoticons, and badges.
FYI: This list is while graphics was on "fantastic".. Giving this game a thumb up or down is a little bit tough.

Well, i would<\/i> recommend it, but it has some flaws, which almost<\/i> ruined it for me. Graphics are great, Soundtrack is awesome and gameplay is challenging, yet fun, trying to beat each level.

But the downsides are:

- Difficulty is very random. Some of the levels are too easy, but some of them are just insane.
- There is too much luck involved to get past the needle enemies. Sometimes the path is clear, but sometimes there is no way to survive it.
- Some effects are too big and too bright. They will make you nearly invisible and it's hard to see, were you are going. (Well, you could argue, that it adds to the challenge)

Big plus are the controls. You can play it with mouse, keyboard or controller and it feels very accurate. (Played it with a 360 Controller (but for some reason i couldn't select "next level" after beating one and had to switch to the mouse to select it. No idea why. Everything else is working fine.))

Overall, it's a good game, but can have some frustrating moments.<\/b>. Good Game) :D. I was happy to finish all the achiements and move on. Music was good.. Whoever designed the last level, deserves a medal.. While the graphics were gorgeous and I loved the music sadly I can't recommend this game.

The concept was great, and I enjoyed the tiny hitbox, and difficulty level BUT one minor and one major problem

Minor: when you complete a level it should take you automatically to the next level - the game over screen and the level complete screen are identical

Major: I have lost my save file TWICE. I will not be replaying the first 26 levels I managed to pass, again. Too bad - it was scratching an itch I really liked. Hungry Flame

But You Play As Something That We Didnt Understand

Eventually You Just Failed Many TImes. Beat this game in 2 hours. It's a fun little romp and I got it for 66% off from a steam badge otherwise I'd have never found it. Some levels are much more challenging than others. I probably spent 30 minutes on the last level alone. Fun little pick up for a time waster and easy 100% for achievements.

I did notice some hitbox issues on levels with more things going on. Plenty attempts I died to cannon shots that didn't hit me. They're slight and don't keep you from being able to complete the game. Still quite fun to test your patience and peripheral vision. If you can keep track of more than 5 things going at once you won't have any problem beating this thing.. Review in english:

I can't recommend this game. When I first started playing I thought: "Hey, this could be good, evading lasers, balls that bounce, slowing time, shooting the enemies that are in front of you, and the controls are very simple."; until the gimmicky things started appearing: black holes that slow you down to a minimum (seriously, sometimes you stop completely), spheres that shoot needles in random directions (and that will prevent you from completing some levels because you aren't lucky enough to have a good path to avoid the needles), and spirals that appear without any kind of warning, and you won't know where they appear until you have died like ten times because of them. Also, the hitbox of the sphere that you control is bad, sometimes things will kill you even if you are far, and sometimes you won't die even if you are close.

The graphics are correct, normal for this kind of game, and the music is as good as the other games of this developer, but even if you have fun in the first levels, from the 25th level onward you will get frustrated. A game that could have been better if it weren't for the gimmicky annoying obstacles that appear.


Rese\u00f1a en espa\u00f1ol:

No puedo recomendar este juego. Cuando empec\u00e9 a jugar pens\u00e9:"Hey, esto tiene buena pinta, esquivando l\u00e1sers, bolas que rebotan, ralentizando el tiempo, disparar a los enemigos delante de ti y los controles son muy simples."; hasta que empezaron a aparecer las cosas m\u00e1s baratas que te puedas imaginar: agujeros negros que te ralentizan hasta decir basta (en ocasiones te detienen completamente), esferas que lanzan agujas en direcciones aleatorias (y que evitar\u00e1n que completes algunos niveles porque no has tenido la suerte de tener un camino para evitar las agujas), y espirales que surgen sin previo aviso, y no sabr\u00e1s d\u00f3nde aparecer\u00e1n hasta que te las hayas comido unas diez veces. Adem\u00e1s, la hitbox de la esfera que controlas est\u00e1 mal hecha, a veces morir\u00e1s aunque est\u00e9s lejos, y otras veces no morir\u00e1s ni aun estando cerca de los obst\u00e1culos.

Los gr\u00e1ficos son correctos para este tipo de juego, la m\u00fasica es tan buena como el resto de juegos de este desarrollador, pero incluso si te diviertes durante los primeros niveles, a partir del nivel 25 empezar\u00e1s a frustrarte. Un juego que podr\u00eda haber sido mejor si no fuera por los trucos baratos que van apareciendo.. The game's not bad, I just wish it told you what you could and couldn't kill by shooting. I died quite a bit due to that.

Also, the Mac version has literally nothing in its file folder. If you're on Mac only, don't bother getting this.

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