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About This Software

Leadwerks Game Engine is the easiest way to make 3D games and VR experiences. Learn everything you need with our comprehensve tutorials. Build games with the world's most intuitive game development system. Sell your games with a royalty-free license or share them with the world for free.

Key Features

Learn to Make Your Own Royalty-Free Games
We provide tons of documentation and video tutorials walking you through the steps to build your own 3D games. Leadwerks is the perfect pathway to go from total noob to pro game developer. And when you do publish your commercial game, there's no royalties to pay, ever.

New Global Illumination and Volumetric Effects
Leadwerks Game Engine 4.1 introduces environment probes for global illumination and reflections, along with volumetric lighting effects, all in an easy-to-control and intuitive interface. This makes it easier than ever to create games with amazing graphics.

New Vegetation Painting System
Leadwerks Game Engine 4 introduces a one-of-a-kind vegetation system for handling massive amounts of foliage. Instead of storing each instance in memory, our new system uses a distribution algorithm to dynamically calculate all relevant instances each frame for rendering and physics. This allows enormous densely packed scenes with minimal overhead. The results are blazingly fast, efficient, and easy to use. In fact, our new system is so advanced it's featured in the book Game Engine Gems 3.

Advanced Graphics
Leadwerks makes AAA graphics achievable with hardware tessellation, geometry shaders, and a deferred renderer with up to 32x MSAA. Our renderer redefines realtime with image quality more like a cg render than real-time games of the past. The use of OpenGL 4.0 provides equivalent graphics to DirectX 11, with cross-platform support across operating systems, for future expansion.

Built-in Level Design Tools
Build game levels from scratch right in our editor with constructive solid geometry. Our tools make it easy to sketch out your design and bring your ideas to life. Anyone can build their own game worlds in Leadwerks, without having to be an expert artist.

Integrated Lua Script Editor
We integrated Lua right into Leadwerks because of its proven track records in hundreds of commercial games including Crysis, World of Warcraft, and Garry's Mod. Lua integrates seamlessly with native code for rapid prototyping and instant control. The built-in debugger lets you pause your game, step through code, and inspect every variable in the program in real-time. Lua is perfect for beginners, and the integrated Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler ensures your games will keep running fast as they grow. (Please note that C++ programming support requires the Standard Edition DLC.)

Visual Flowgraph for Advanced Game Mechanics
Our unique visual flowgraph enables designers to set up game mechanics, build interactions, and design advanced scripted sequences, without touching a line of code. The flowgraph system integrates seamlessly with Lua script, allowing script programmers to expose their own functions and add new possibilities for gameplay.

Royalty-Free License
Your games you make are yours. Yours to play, yours to sell, yours to give away, and do as you please. You will never be charged royalties for any game you make in Leadwerks. And because we only rely on free open-source middleware libraries, you never have to worry about purchasing expensive licenses from third parties.

Steam Features

  • Download and publish game content with Steam Workshop.
  • Publish image renders and YouTube videos directly to Steam from the editor.
  • Built-in Steamworks support makes your game ready to publish to Steam.
  • Peer-to-peer networking, voice chat, and public servers.


  • OpenGL 4.0 deferred renderer with uniform lighting model supports any number of lights, all casting soft dynamic shadows.
  • Up to 32x hardware MSAA makes rendered images incredibly sharp and detailed.
  • Full support for vertex, fragment, geometry, and tessellation shaders.
  • Dynamic megatexture terrain provides fast rendering of terrains with many layers.
  • Hierarchical hardware occlusion queries provides fast visibility testing.
  • Hardware tessellation for dynamic real surface displacement on the GPU.
  • Normal mapping with specular and cubemap reflections.
  • Instanced rendering allows fast drawing of large volumes of objects.
  • Hardware skinning provides fast skinned animation.
  • Deferred transparency with multiple overlapping layers of shading.
  • Real-time mesh modification.
  • Trilinear and up to 16x anisotropic filtering.
  • Blend and transition animation sequences.
  • Extract animation sequences in the editor.


  • Automatic asset management reloads models and textures when they are modified from another application.
  • Drag and drop import of FBX, DDS, BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, and PSD files.
  • Visual interface controls every aspect of the art pipeline.
  • Constructive solid geometry modeling tools.
  • Brush primitives include box, wedge, cylinder, sphere, arch, tube, and torus.
  • Automatic UV mapping.
  • Brush smooth groups.
  • GPU-accelerated terrain editor makes sculpting silky smooth and fast.
  • Built-in shader editor with instant visualization and error highlighting.
  • Native user interface is used on each supported platform.


  • Built-in Lua script editor with debugger, code stepping, and syntax highlighting.
  • Visual flowgraph lets you connect objects to control game interactions and set up scripted sequences.
  • Launch your game and debug the Lua virtual machine as it runs.
  • API design with an object-oriented command set lets you code any type of game.
  • Entity scripts provide a per-object hook interface.
  • Direct programming gives you control over your game's loop and program structure.
  • Script variables are displayed in a visual interface and reloaded in real-time.


  • Navmesh pathfinding provides automatic AI navigation that works everywhere.
  • Character controller movement seamlessly integrated with physics and pathfinding systems.
  • Set entities to automatically chase another object or navigate to a position.


  • Fast and accurate rigid body physics.
  • Constraints including hinge, ball, and sliding joints.
  • Joint actuators provide fast and stable motorized constraints for doors, robotic arms, and other motion.
  • Automatic physics shape calculation.
  • Generate physics shapes in the editor from models or brushes.
  • Swept collision.
  • Raycasting with lines or spheres.


  • Real-time particle editor with instant visualization.
  • Emission volumes include box, sphere, cylinder, tube, and cone.
  • Adjustable curve graph for alpha and scale.
  • Particle animation sheets with adjustable frame counts and layout.
  • Velocity-based rotation for directional particles like sparks.


  • 3D sound spatialization.
  • Emit a sound from any entity.
  • Automatic channel management frees up unneeded channels.
  • Skip to any time in sound.

Title: Leadwerks Game Engine
Genre: Animation & Modeling, Design & Illustration, Education, Software Training, Utilities
Leadwerks Software
Leadwerks Software
Release Date: 6 Jan, 2014


Great game engine, however the lack of motion and animation lets it down, You can only animate from a model import!
moving forward would like to see a animation system in this engine, The lighting effects in this engine has some of the best spots I have seen including unreal engine and unity, this has amazing lighting system with more features and it's real shame you can't animate them in movement for example a stage lighting scene .

Version 1.7.0 : AI improvements & character lists (PLEASE CHECK UPPERCASE WARNING):

  • AI : Several improvements, including making it more reactive, consistent and aggressive, and less prone to being wrong-footed.
  • Database : Modified stats for characters in the database, in order to make career mode more realistic (the way stats are distributed along the rankings. Any resemblance with actual professional players is purely coincidental). Those changes will be automatically applied to the local data.fas, except when it would overwrite changes made by the user. YOU MAY WANT TO MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR DATA.FAS BEFORE RUNNING THE NEW VERSION TO BE SAFE
  • Career mode : Made several changes to make it more realistic when it comes to how AI players register in tournaments, and AI matches.
  • Editor : Added options for user to manage character lists, including Cut-Copy-Paste icons (useful to have a separated list of characters for online play that won't interact with career mode, for instance).
  • Gameplay : Reworked some aspects of the stamina system, so that it is more realistic and more consistent between AI opponents and human players, especially in career mode.
  • Interface : Added possibility to select characters based on lists, and to filter based on country.
  • Interface : Many small cosmetic changes and bug fixes.
  • Bug fix : Fixed a bug that could make the game hang during a match or while simulating AI matches.
  • Bug fix : Sometimes the human-controlled character would wait to hit the ball just after the 2nd bounce.
  • Bug fix : Sometimes the human-controlled character would get stuck when the ball was coming at the right distance for his shot, preventing from adjusting forward or backward.
  • Bug fix : The depth hint wouldn't update after the ball's trajectory would be modified by hitting the net.
. Version 1.5.1 : small improvements and bug fixes:
  • Gameplay : Added configuration options to challenge POV display : POV view may be disabled, and display can be positioned either top-right or bottom-right.
  • Bug fix : Court lines weren't cleared between challenge POV renderings with DirectX.
  • Bug fix : Fixed out-of-memory crash in player selection menu with DirectX.
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Full Ace Tennis Simulator is officially out and available now on Steam!

Grab a copy and jump into the purest tennis game on the market. Full Ace was designed from the ground up for those who appreciate the technical aspects of the game and the excellent matches they enable. See you on the court!. Full Ace Tennis Simulator out in two days!:
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For those tennis enthusiast seeking a video game that matches the subtleties, touches, and technical aspects of the game in real life, we believe we have answered that call and hope you agree.

Depending on how Full Ace performs here on Steam, we have some great updates planned in the not-too-distant future, including adding female players, doubles, animation modding, and deepening Career Mode with thorough management features.

Please let us know here if you have any questions and two days! Let's do this!!! :steamhappy:

. Full Ace 25% off sale!:
For the first time, Full Ace Tennis Simulator is on sale!!!

Get the technical tennis gem for 25% off during the Steam Summer Sale and get some excellent matches in ahead of and throughout Wimbledon. Oh yeah!!!. Version 1.1.0:
Changes :

* Steam : Cloud saves enabled.
* Gameplay : Error margins on shots have been reworked for better balance.
* Gameplay : Parameters for topspin, attacks and dropshots have been tweaked for more realism.
* Gameplay : Preparing early now gives you a boost in shot precision, preparing late gives you a penalty. There is a small penalty on this when using auto-prepare, as an incentive and reward to play manual.
* AI : Improvements in tactics and overall quality of play.
* Online : Added system to detect score desyncs. When it happens, the point will be replayed, and replay files for both players are saved locally. Those replays can be sent to us to help us understand the cause of the desync and fix it.
* Sound : Used pitch to make shoe squeak sounds less repetitive and annoying.
* Sound : Interface sounds are now paused when game window is minimized.
* Bug fix : In online games, chat would become unavailable after selecting a player.
* Bug fix : When a serve would touch the net and land in, and the returner played it, the point would be handled as though there was no let.
* Bug fix : When a 2nd serve call out was successfully challenged, the server would have to hit a 2nd serve instead of a 1st serve according to official rules.
* Bug fix : When a 2nd serve touched the net, was called out, and was successfully challenged, the server would be awarded the point. Now the point is replayed, as should be.
* Bug fix : In certain cases, human players would hit the ball higher than they were supposed to on serves.
* Bug fix : Keyboard strokes were being detected by the game even when the window wasn't in foreground.
* Bug fix : Timing orb would display wrong colors when shot button was pressed very early.
* Bug fix : In career mode, human player wasn't always automatically registered in 2-week events when eligible.
* Bug fix : In career mode, after displaying the list of players for a tournament that haven't started yet, it was impossible to close it with the pad.
* Bug fix : Stamina bars used to appear in replays.. Version 1.5.0 : many improvements, bug fixes, and Russian translation:
  • Gameplay : Modified speed values for many shots : they used to decrease on short distance shots to make sure the ball would clear the net. Now that it is handled automatically on safe shots, this is not needed anymore, and speed values aren't linked to distance any more.
  • Gameplay : Added double tap slice. Second tap will make the shot and closer to the net, and a little faster.
  • Gameplay : Added thumbnail view of ball bounce on challenges from player POV.
  • Gameplay : Added possibility to cancel a shot by hitting any of the prepare buttons before ball impact.
  • Animations : Improved some running animations.
  • Online : Added sound effect when being invited to an online game.
  • Sound modding : Allowed variations on many sounds, such as bounce_xx.ogg, app1_xx.ogg, app3_xx.ogg, net_xx.ogg, etc...
  • Interface : Limited memory usage for player pictures in player selection menus.
  • Interface : Added Russian translation.
  • Bug fix : Fixed crash in editor when a modded anim is not available any more.
  • Bug fix : Removed incorrect triggering of grunt sounds on volleys, dropshots and lobs.
  • Bug fix : Removed incorrect display of aiming target in certain situations.

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