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About This Game

Enjoy your journey from poor sailor to the richest and the most honoured adventurer! Explore every corner of the dangerous seas with your ships fully loaded with canons. You can choose the way of an honest merchant and trade with farms, towns or forts. Or, you can fight for one of three nations and sink the enemy ships. Or, maybe you want to be a pirate and plunder everything you encounter? You can hoard gold, buy bigger ships and equip them with as many powerful items as you can find in towns and treasure chests all around the islands! Prepare well before you sail into a grand battle with the most dangerous of your enemies!

If you like sea, ships, adventures, pirates, the smell of gunpowder and green parrots, this a game is for you!

Main features:
  • Pick the ship you want and explore many of islands and locations
  • Fulfil random generated quests for high replay value
  • Upgrade your ship through set of RPG-like features
  • Trade with cities, expand your treasure and land you own
  • Advance in a career from a poor sailor to a rich and fearsome captain
  • Enjoy a quick and satysfing match three battle system while sinking your most dangerous enemies
  • Listen to an awesome orchestral music score

Title: Loot Hunter
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Rake in Grass
Rake in Grass
Release Date: 23 Jan, 2015


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Sid`s Pirates meets Puzle quest. Very fun and engaging.. It's like a old school bejeweled game with a pirate theme its a fun game.. Loot Hunter is a game of questing and looting. There's no story. You start out in a little ship and travel around the map uncovering new ports. At these ports you can buy and sell goods or accept and turn in quests. There are only a handful of quest types. There's bounty hunting, which is taking out a pirate in a marked place on the map and then returning. There are war missions, which call for you to acquire a number of flags from the sunken enemy ships. There are delivery missions which just have you taking x amount of goods from one port to another. And finally there are gathering missions which have a port asking for x number of a specific good, and you have to obtain it by fighting enemies or shopping at other ports to get enough.

You can get experience points and other random drops from the enemy ships you sink. Getting enough experience will level you up, giving you a choice between three things every time. You can get more land, which is simply to help increase your rank. You can choose to get more gold, to help you buy more things. Or you can choose to have peace with all unfriendly nations, which will become that way once you've attacked one of their ships. Being at war also bars you from visiting ports of that nation, though you can buy peace with them at any time. Plus you will get land as a reward for some quests and gold for rewards, for selling goods, and for defeating enemies. So everything is obtainable without the leveling, and leveling up does not make you any stronger.

To get stronger, you need to find or be rewarded upgrades. These come in the form of items you can equip to your ship. The perks of them range from being small trade-offs of good and bad to large buffs. Getting a good combination will help you strategize your fighting a bit. You can also buy new ships at one port, which will give you more cannons, hp, and equipment slots. There are also a few techniques you can learn and upgrade to help with your skirmishes, which can be purchased at a few different ports.

There are also treasure maps you can find, generally leading you to sums of gold. The other bit of strategy comes with buying and selling goods. If you are at a port and one of the goods for sale has a highlighted number, it means it's a good buying price. Likewise, if any goods in your inventory are highlighted, that means they are a good price to sell. This can be used to gain a small profit form port to port, though the stock of goods at ports changes after every fight, so be aware.

Now, let's get to the combat, the thing you'll be doing for most of the game. It revolves around a matching game. Swap the position of two tiles to line up a row or column of three or more of the same symbols. Getting more than three will give the effect a bonus as well as grant you an extra turn before the enemy can attack. Naturally, this give you the advantage in an otherwise fair fight. Matching cannon balls fires your cannons. Matching swords makes you do a melee attack. Matching treasure chests gets you more gold for winning. Matching steering wheels gives you more action points. The action points are used to perform special techniques that you purchased at the scattered ports. These can be very helpful for your strategies, along with the equipment and ships you've acquired. Varying levels of enemies can appear, sometimes leaving you outmatched even with the best ship. This is where smart playing, bonus turns, and luck are going to be needed. And these are arguably the most fun part of the game.

My issues with this game come into play when you consider how boring and tedious it becomes. The first one or two hours are fun. You explore new places, learn mechanics, get new gear, and everything is fresh. After you've uncovered the entire map, bought the best ship, have all the techniques, have a full stock of equipment, and max out your rank, it gets tedious. You repeat the same few types of quests over and over again. You go to the same ports, back and forth. Your gold becomes next to useless, as does your land. Finding treasure, flipping goods for profit, bonus gold in battles... it becomes rather pointless. And it will take you far longer to complete the land and treasure achievements than any others. Plus, with the battling getting so stale after so much time, the game has a lot of padding and no real end to be had outside of maxing out your rank and getting the achievements.

I thought perhaps this game would get more quests, upgrade paths for leveling, more story/goals, more items to loot, more places to explore, or just more things in general with future updated. It has been a while since the last update and even though I asked about such features or new things coming I got no response. This makes me assume not much will change. If it does, then you can disregard a lot of this review if you feel it's tainted by the times. As of right now, the game seems to be a finished product. I got this game for free. It has the start of a good game here. Lots of potential. I just sincerely hope the developers will work on it and make it into the great game it can be. At the asking price of 8 dollars, I can't recommend it. It's just not enough content to justify the price. Perhaps for 1 dollar, 2 at most it'd be fair. 5 would at least make more sense. But even so, it's a steep price for the yet shallow experience. Good for some fun, but not for the price on Steam. Get it on sale or wait for more content to come. Loot Hunter gets a 4 out of 10 for having the building blocks of a good game but not quite making it there yet.. So I got this game like for free - I got it in some indiebundle and I only wanted Hatred. But it's actually pretty fun. Not sure if it worth full price, but if you get it on sale with 66% discount or so - get it.. Easy and simple game. Becomes dull very quickly.. A match 3 game with a little bit of a twist. Pilot a shp in search of pirates or be a pirate. Accomplish goals, upgrade your ship for faster ones and best of all match 3.

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