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Magicka: Frozen Lake Crack Download Pc Kickass

Magicka: Frozen Lake Crack Download Pc Kickass

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In the Frozen Lake DLC, only the boldest Wizards challenge each other on a large body of water, the Wizards inability to tread water is a more common cause of death during these duels than the successful spellcasting of the opponent.

  • New map for the Versus game mode
  • Frozen water provides new environmental hazard
  • Contains many different pleasing shades of blue and white

Title: Magicka: Frozen Lake
Genre: Action, RPG
Arrowhead Game Studios
Paradox Interactive
Release Date: 21 Jun, 2011


this fun in snow who can't love the cold. A new map is awesome, but wizards can't swim! (BLEEEEIGH)

Hopefully, different pleasing shades of blue and white will make up for that.. I thought frozen lake was going to be awesome. Imagine drowning your friends by melting the ice below them and throwing fireballs around them until all the ice was gone. It all seemed so fun until I found out that kills didn't count if you made someone drown by melting the ice. Everything I had ever wanted was ruined. I will leave this review negative until the Magicka team fixes this. 0\/10 do not buy.. One of the better ones. I've never played on this map but it was in the bundle.. Part of the pack for m.. i need friend ot play this

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