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About This Game

As a lone Soviet Cosmonaut, you are sent to investigate a communication blackout aboard a Russian space station. You arrive to find the station in disrepair and the crew missing. You must uncover the fate of these lost souls, trapped between the claustrophobia of the station and the vast, unforgiving openness of space.

Outreach is an historical fiction set in the 1980s, blurring the line between fact and conspiracy theory. The narrative is told from the Soviet perspective, focusing on the details that highlighted the humanity in a conflict so often marked by division and statistics. In order to capture such an authentic atmosphere, our artists have spent months researching the era. The environments, technology, and clothing have all been lovingly crafted and expanded from historical designs, photos, and archive footage.

The dangers and isolation present in the narrative of Outreach are reflected in the movement system, as Outreach takes place entirely in zero-gravity. Push yourself off, time your landings, and grapple for handrails on the exterior of the station. Inside the station, move through confined environments on your search for clues. Your coordination and reflexes are the only protection you have from the void.

Game Features

  • Interact: Uncover the true nature of an era-accurate space station, constructed from historical references.
  • Inspect: Explore the environment with a realistic representation of zero gravity; Travel with no propulsion but by pushing yourself off from surfaces.
  • Report: Discover the lives and motivations of the station crew, ground control and military personnel involved in Operation Outreach.

Title: Outreach
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Pixel Spill
Good Shepherd Entertainment
Release Date: 2018


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