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Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures Full Movie Free Download

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Original Title: Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures

Genge: Animation,Action,Comedy,Drama,Family,Fantasy,Sci-Fi



































Pacman saves pacworld from ghosts with his friends Cyli and Spiral.
I saw the fist episode in 2014 and I like it so I want to see more episodes of this Pac Man TV Series so much that I started to see all the episodes in Netflix and I loved the TV series is fun, catchy and pretty. I recommend this series to every Pac-Man fan (specially Kids from 7-12). From what is this TV show, well Pac a teenager student and his friends Cylindra and Spiral have adventures saving Pac-World from the evil ghost Betrayus and his army of ghost of the Underworld but secretly there are 4 ghosts (Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde) allies of Pac and his friends that tell Pac the evil plans of Betrayus. The only problem I found to the TV series is that I really want soon a season 3 or finally Pac find his parents
My kids are addicted to this cartoon and it is absolute torture for my husband and I. I love certain cartoons (Adventure Time, Regular Show) and I find others to be pleasant tolerances (Ninja Turtles, Mystery Incorporated, Star Wars Rebels). But this cartoon makes me cringe every time it is on.

Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures centers on the daily struggle between Pac World and the lame, unfunny, annoyingly voiced ghosts from the netherworld. In fact, on the topic of voices, every voice in this cartoon is like nails on a chalkboard.

I understand that this cartoon is aimed at 7-9 old kids, but why on earth is the writing so, so terrible and preschoolish? I feel like my kids are tuned into Disney Jr., which is aimed at preschool aged kiddos. There is potential in terms of interesting story arches, but the writers entirely miss the mark. Pacman lost his parents shortly after a massive civil war that happened on Pacworld, the entire division of Pacpeople and ghosts is a result of the outcome of the war, and there are multiple backstories that are potentially dark and mysterious. The writers barely explore these subplots and it is a shame, because kids can follow sophisticated story lines. Honestly. Oh, the fart, pimple, and burping jokes are nonstop as well. Yay. fun.

Good luck staying sane if your kids run across this tripe. It is painful.


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