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Original Title: Past Transgressions

Genge: Action,Adventure,Biography,Drama,History,Romance








































In the years before his rise to fame as the owner of gladiators, Batiatus struggled to make a name for himself. With his father away in the country living in semi-retirement, Batiatus is in charge and sees his champion Gannicus as the way to do it. A new arena is being built in Capua and at this stage, it's not even certain he will have one of his fighters on display. He has a keen eye however and overpays for a slave, a Gaul named Crixus. He has to face the local crime lord Tullius and learns that he isn't yet in his league. Lucretia meanwhile welcomes the return to Capua of Gaia, an old friend. Gaia is something of a wild child who liked to party, have lots of sex and takes opium. Lucretia seems ready to go along.
A pre-Spartacus prequel about life in the House of Batiatus. In the opener, a younger Batiatus is placed in command of his father's gladiator-training school, which leads him to use one of the most accomplished fighters to curry favor with a nobleman.
Spartacus: Gods of the Arena starts off with a simple recap of the impressive finale of Spartacus:Blood and Sand,"Kill them All". Gods of the Arena is the story of how the house of Batiatus ,gained prominence and rose to the position it had in Blood and Sand.John Hannah reprises his role as a younger Batiatus. Still his swearing,conniving self, his was one of the most well etched out characters from the first season.Giving him company is the younger looking Lucy Lawless,as Lucretia.Both of them,as,in the first season,power hungry and looking to gain favor in the eyes of officials by any means possible to garner favor for their house which has just happened to come under their control.Bataiatus seeks to pursue a more"aggressive" attitude in matters concerning the ludus as opposed to his father.

We are also introduced to the new additions this season.The heavy drinking-womanizing-gladiator Gannicus,played by Dustin Claire. Fan favorite Doctore from first season is back as well along with Ashur. Gaia(Lila from 'Dexter'),played by Jaime Murray is also introduced in this episode.

This season seeks to dwell upon the rise of the house of Batiatus along with the first Champion of Capua in the form of Gannicus,while the politics surrounding the bloody sport provide a tantalizing setting for another season of gratuitous sex,over the top violence,cringe worthy language which has made the first season achieve near-cult status among its legion of faithful fans.

My Score - 8/10 all the adrenaline, the excitement, the fighting and blood -all what made the first season so successful is back....and at equal if not at a higher standard.... i just hope they keep it up, and i still have high hopes for the second season meaning of course the continuation of Spartacus's's story... what a way to start of this prequel, absolutely incredible and from the first episode i can tell its gonna be good! what amazes me the most is they managed to make it interesting,we know what happens at the end, but the stories and characters they introduce make Spartacus's:gods of the arena another win for starz!!!! cant wait for the next episode and hands down the best season premiere I've seen in a while now!!!! 10/10


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