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Sandmade Free Offline

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About This Game

Look closely and imagine, do those structures fit together?

Sandmade is a beautiful puzzle game that starts simple and relaxing but will soon challenge your brain and test your spatial skills.

How good are you at visualising objects in your mind? Immerse yourself in the world of sand shapes and find out.

  • 10 simple levels to learn the rules
  • 90 increasingly challenging puzzles to test yourself
  • Beautiful graphics that make everything look like delightful sand structures
  • Rhythmic music to keep you in the zone
  • No timers, no scores, it's just you and the puzzles
  • Each level's visuals and difficulty are handcrafted, but when you finish you can play again and get a new challenge
  • Achievements
  • Everything is pretty and responsive
  • Mouse only

Title: Sandmade
Genre: Casual, Indie
Manic Hyena
Manic Hyena
Manic Hyena
Release Date: 16 May, 2018

English,French,Italian,German,Arabic,Bulgarian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Finnish,Greek,Hungarian,Japanese,Korean,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Swedish,Thai,Traditional Chine

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It's fine I guess.
Fast game.. Way too short and easy.. If you enjoy creating or reading isometric geometry figures, or like doing the spatial image questions out of the AFAST, you'll have fun with this. If you dislike those sorts of things, however, it may not be as enjoyable for you. Playing through from first to last level goes very quickly, but it is only $0.99 USD, so it is worth it.. Nice little game but very short.. An enjoyable "fit these shapes together" puzzler. Like Tetris, but with more complexity since you're dealing with more than one plane/layer of shapes. The shapes get progressively more complex, and sometimes you have to match up 2 out of 5 choices, with many being similar.

I made it to level 80 of 100 in my first session and my brain needed a break. Very interesting and quick puzzle game with some challenge towards the end. You can 100% the 7 achievements in under 2 hours.

TIP: After selecting two shapes for a possible match, you can click and drag the shapes to examine them from different angles to make sure they fix before matching.

Looks like it will also be worth replaying after a while away from it. Recommended (for the price). I plan to come back to it. I got it for 84 cents!

ETA: Came back -- made it to level 88 but failed twice on the last two sets of shapes... We will meet again!

Made it to level 90...

Conquered level 100--Huzzah!

Kinda odd that the last achievement pops upon completing the penultimate level, rather than the final one.. It's fine I guess.
Fast game.. difficulty is rising in non-linear way, which is sad - quite easy before 70th level, and quite boring because of that, after 70th becomes challenging, 90-100 levels are complicated, I'd say, but you are waiting for it already as mechanics of the game is always the same. though, good for the price.

Calling all Seekers of Cats!:
You have been training your brains for this by solving Sandmade puzzles. Now your unique skills are needed. Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to venture forth into mysterious lands and use your unparalleled power of observation and razor sharp focus to uncover the hiding places of cats! Also, go ahead and pet them too, they seem to like it.
. Hidden Paws Mystery is out!:
That's right, the wait is over!

Check it out, quick! The cats are waiting, and they won't stop meowing untill you find them! ;)

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