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Scream Collector

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About This Game

Build up a haunted house in this Halloween themed Idle Clicker game!

Starting with modest beginnings, build up to a terrifying haunted house, unlocking secre 5d3b920ae0

Title: Scream Collector
Genre: Casual, Free to Play
Release Date: 26 Oct, 2017


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Update: Build 0.39 : Buying spins did not update gem amounts correctly Changed description of upgrade panel to clarify some things Spinner will no longer offer items capped at 2100 5th smashed bat showed a blue diamond on upgraded scene 1(you still got a purple diamond though) 11th Pumpkin was not restoring after being smashed. Update: Build 0.34 : -Darkened the bloody walls -Fixed errors that could cause the bucket or the hammer stop respawning -Fixed a display bug with the creepy clouds, clouds will change depending on if the shadow is there or not. -Made Mouse trap hit boxes bigger so that its easier to place the cheese -Fixed a glitch with hidden object placement -Decorated the entry hall, and added mini-games for christmas.. Update: Build 0.25 : - Fixed detection on a few remaining Achievements - Increased some of the rewards in Scene 2 (Inside House) - Added options for direct purchase of "Double Spirit Bonus" and "Front Door Key". Update: Build 0.45 : Outside would tell you it was complete every time you started the game The Urn was not giving the correct reward when you broke it the first time. Fixed some bugs relating to the dungeon treasure chest numbers Solving the code on the treasure chest will no longer block ceiling drips from falling into the bucket Petri Dish will longer show up if the microscope is already glowing Fixed a gem converter bug that occurred after upgrading the outside to level 2 Targeting for Hammers, Swords, and Brooms has been reworked. They should be much more accurate now.. Update: Build 0.43 : Fixed Vine (gem purchase) upgrade bug Fixed bug where clicker reward would be given too early in the dungeon Spinning the wheel wasnt updating achievements right away. Fixed the gem reward display for the window game when scene is upgraded, so that it shows as purple instead of blue Fixed per/second income calculations for tombstones Fixed minor display error for prisoner upgrades in tool menu options Made the vine fruits bright red to make them easier to spot.. Update: Build 0.35 : -Fixed Moon from becoming unclickable for spells -Fixed the spider that was glitching the christmas lights -Oogey Boogey will no longer give away scene 2 prizes -Stocking prizes were showing up when there were no stockings -Gems from the stockings will now update the gem display -Fixed the ticket reveal cheat. -Raised the maximum cash number high enough that it is now possible to max out everything to 2000 using screams or chills.. Update: Build 0.26 : - Fixed issue where some Steam purchases would ocassionally not register in-game. Update: Build 0.32 : - Updated effect area for Broom inside house. Update: Build 0.33 : -Implemented an automatic backup system that will backup every 24 hours, and store up to 5 backups. The backups can be accessed on the settings (gear) panel. -Made Spider and skull Hit boxes Bigger to make them easier to hit. -Fixed Vampire had stopped giving gems when killed -Gem increase no longer affects autoclicker price -Announcement for chill bonuses activated said screams instead of chills -The spirit panel will say screams or chills depending on what scene you are on. -When switching scenes, the tab will now default to the last tab you had open in that scene -Fixed a tutorial step that was covering up the purchase price of the trees. -Fixed audio bug where zombies would make their regular noises when being fed -Hammer and ghost trap can no longer be picked up at the same time. -The shadow on the moon is affected by time warps now. -Getting a spin from a bat now updates the spinner count display.

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