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Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Full Movie Free Download

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Full Movie Free Download ->>->>->> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

Genge: Action,Comedy,Horror
































Sam "Serious" Stone, the last surviving member of the Human race, must make his way across time and several continents to defeat Mental, the overlord of the aliens invading Earth.
Rated M for Strong Violence,Blood,Gore and Some Language.

Serious Sam The Second Encounter came with The First Encounter and State Of Emergency for only $14.99!Serious Sam the Second Encounter doesn't really improve on the graphics.However the graphics in the first one were simply excellent.The second one has the same graphics as the first one so you probably wont complain about the graphics.The second encounter however has way more action than the first one.More baddies,more puzzles etc!.Serious Sam the Second Encounter has more action than the first game and that is why I like it better than the first.The same graphics as the first game but better gameplay.I recommend it!

8/10 First off this is a great game. It isn't big on brains, basically shooting a whole s**tload of baddies. But it has funny, imaginative cool baddies.

So you are Sam "Serious" Stone the world's toughest hero(how original). But it is a fun game with great landscapes and animation, great weapons to choose from. To get the most out of this game you should play cooperative mode over a network. Although on some computers it may crash at some point. Worth checking out though. Delivers some scares some really difficult traps like a room that with spikes on either side of the wall, it's really hard because you slide from side to side so you have to stay away from the spikes and to get to the door, not to mention it's a big room. Then there's a room with a floor that rocks from side to side like a boat, and all these baddies come from holes in the walls, finally(there's lot's more traps but these are the outstanding ones) there's a cylinder shaped corridor that you walk around (and i mean around, you can go on the sides and on the roof) then hundreds of little jumpy frog alien things attack you and when you kill them all these other guys come out at you. But it's a very good game.

****1/2 out of *****


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