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Strange Telephone Activation Crack

Strange Telephone Activation Crack

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About This Game

Strange Telephone is a 2D adventure game in which the player explores strange worlds created with merely 6 digits, and has multiple endings.

The protagonist Jill is trapped in a dark world with a large door floating before her. She is aided by Graham, who takes on the form of a telephone. Making phone calls with Graham creates various worlds that can be explored. In each of these worlds are items to be found, including the key that will lead to her escape.

Developer's Voice

This is a 2D adventure game in which the main characters - Jill and Graham - must escape from the world in which they've been trapped. I feel that it turned out to be a very unique and original game, featuring all the trappings of a classic indie title: the pixel art graphics, animation, music, and more.
This is sort of a "behind the scenes" anecdote, but the game was designed and built upon the foundation of a "hidden story" which isn't directly explained. All of the eleven various ending movies, characters, object designs, etc. were meticulously put together in such a way as to contain parts of the "riddles" used in unravelling this hidden story. I feel that if you can manage to read between the lines and figure some of this stuff out, then the world of Strange Telephone can be enjoyed on an even deeper level, so as the developer I really hope that players keep their eyes and ears open as the play through the game and see what they can find.


HZ3 Software 7ad7b8b382

Title: Strange Telephone
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
HZ3 Software
Release Date: 21 Jan, 2019

English,Japanese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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A pretty interesting game, similar to Yume Nikki.

Basically, you dial a number on your phone and are transported to a new world. Since they are randomly generated, you have to "draw" your own map from scratch (i.e. adding numbers to the phone book), and explore while collecting and using items to advance the story. There's no real dialogue (save for the item descriptions) so while there is a story, the details are up for interpretation.

The only real problem is that it has the usual adventure game problem of getting stuck and having to try every item on everything until something happens, and I found the immersion broken at that point.

For a cheap game is a fun play, and I recommend it, but it can be more or less enjoyable depending on how long you get stuck through the puzzles. Shallow and gimmicky. Ostensibly a surreal exploration game inspired by Yume Nikki and LSD: Dream Emulator, Strange Telephone doesn't really know to use those influences to create a game world that is compelling to explore. After a little bit of initial bumbling around, it's clear that you're just cycling through simple semi-randomized rooms to solve basic inventory puzzles - with a (very short) time limit for your excursions, because LSD had a time limit I guess. You can just wake up to reset the timer and immediately go back to exactly where you were, so the time limit doesn't even present any real challenge - it's just there to be annoying and make you feel rushed, which is exactly what I don't want in this sort of game. Strange Telephone is not a bad game aesthetically, but I feel like it actively does not want me to take the time to appreciate and get immersed in the atmosphere. And it really doesn't seem like it has much else going for it.. Seems to be a paraphrase of Yume Nikki but with zero atmosphere or purpose.

The gameplay is just the player warping into tiny little maps about the size of the game window; and you walk a second to the left or right to jump to a new map. The maps are filled with specific environmental assets which either give items or require items to trigger something else. So it's just one big item fetch quest. Once the initial wonder wears off, it's just a chore of taking whatever item to whatever thing to trigger whatever code to get a new item to do it all over again with but now on a different random thing.

There's no story or anything, and the environments are just kind of inane pseudo-surreal whatever the developer could come up with. The music and designs of the environments are alright, but since each environment is literally only the size of your screen and you constantly are jumping between them; there's zero room for atmosphere or immersion. Because you are constantly leaping to completely difference scenes with no thematic correlation.

It's slow too, the triggers on starting to walk and interacting with anything has a small delay on it. If you need to find a specific asset you just have to dial until a map with it comes up on the preview. Wandering around, using every item you have on every single thing since you have no idea what kind of combination it could make. Some of them are logical while others are not.

There's nothing interesting to read, there's no meaning to any of the worlds or items. And there's no gameplay of any kind it's just collecting then using items. There is just no sense of purpose to the world or passion in its design, this game just seems to exclusively exist as a shallow paraphrase of Yume Nikki. It feels like a paraphrase of Yume Nikki but meant for children.

I cannot say that I gained a single thing from playing this; it doesn't have any gameplay so it's not really fun, it doesn't have a story or artistic vision to the world so it wasn't meaningful, and there's no cohesion to the different worlds so it wasn't even immersive.

I wandered around for awhile, and it didn't take long before I had seen almost every map type. Then it just became me wandering back and forth between areas I have found, using items on things trying to get some kind of reaction. Until I just got bored and stopped. I got nothing out of playing this, the hour I spent on it might as well have not existed at all.. I'll write a proper review once i'm done, just know that this game is awesome for now.. I 100% recommend everyone play this this game if they get a chance, it's cheap, and provides that very unique and interesting experience. If you have played Yume Nikki, this game is very similar to it. Had potential but was kinda boring, I couldn't see any clear objective or much of anything to do but look around. Got a refund

Strange Telephone Development History #0017:
The colors were too "normal" for a horror game, so I changed them up. Does it look colder now?

All images are currently in development and are not final versions. Strange Telephone Development History #0025:
Current status.

All images are currently in development and are not final versions. Strange Telephone Development History #0003:
Currently exploring designs...

All images are currently in development and are not final versions. Strange Telephone Development History #0012:
Made word bubbles for text display.

All images are currently in development and are not final versions. Strange Telephone Development History #0036:
Pick up.

All images are currently in development and are not final versions.

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