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Prince – Originals Album Download – Preview new songs!

You can download Prince – Originals

1 Sex Shooter Sex Shooter Not Available
2 Jungle Love Jungle Love Not Available
3 Manic Monday Manic Monday Not Available
4 Noon Rendezvous Noon Rendezvous Not Available
5 Make-Up Make-Up Not Available
6 100 MPH 100 MPH Not Available
7 You’re My Love You’re My Love Not Available
8 Holly Rock Holly Rock Not Available
9 Baby, You’re a Trip Baby, You’re a Trip Not Available
10 The Glamorous Life The Glamorous Life Not Available
11 Gigolos Get Lonely Too Gigolos Get Lonely Too Not Available
12 Love… Thy Will Be Done Love… Thy Will Be Done Not Available
13 Dear Michaelangelo Dear Michaelangelo Not Available
14 Wouldn’t You Love to Love Me? Wouldn’t You Love to Love Me? Not Available
15 Nothing Compares
2 U Nothing Compares
2 U Not Available
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