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Tales From Windy Meadow Ativador Download [PC]

Tales From Windy Meadow Ativador Download [PC]

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About This Game

A small village known as Windy Meadow may not be rich or famous, yet it offers something even more valuable: harmony. Gorgeous views, serenity of the forest, gentle rivers and fertile land... Even beasts and dragons seem to usually keep their distance.

Nevertheless, not everyone can find peace here. The time has come for three young people to decide what are they going to do with their future. And it’s happening much sooner than they would wish for.

Will Vena, the best huntress in the village, stay with her family? Is it better to take the lucrative job offered by distant merchant guild?

Fabel wants to become a famous bard, but his rough past complicates so many things. Should he follow his dream, or is it finally time to wake up?

And is Iudicia, the local outsider and talented herbalist, going to marry a man she doesn’t love? Is spending her future alone and lonely the only alternative?

  • Three intertwined stories. For 2,5 hours you get to play as three protagonists with their own problems to solve. Each route offers different moods, topics and perspectives and all of them share the dramatic, final chapter.
  • A multitude of side characters. Their varying personalities and complex relationships make this community feel alive and relatable.
  • An immersive, detailed village. You get to visit multiple buildings and outdoors and see how they change over the course of the game. The carefully thought-out fantasy setting reflects through both the dialogues and visuals.
  • Choices matter. Choice-shaped endings significantly shift the game's atmosphere, while even smaller decisions influence dialogues, events and how your protagonists are perceived by other characters.
  • Heart-warming scenes. A unique mix of coziness and melancholy supported by colorful pixel art and emotional music.
  • Animated visuals. Unlike most Visual Novels, Tales From Windy Meadow replaces the majority of narration with animated character sprites. More than 99% of the in-game text represents dialogues.


Title: Tales From Windy Meadow
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Moral Anxiety Studio
Moral Anxiety Studio
Release Date: 20 Dec, 2018


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Thought I'd review since there weren't too many here. TFWM is a cute game with enjoyable stories and believable characters; I enjoyed the pixel art and the general feel of the game. I liked the ability to rewind and see what effect different choices had on the story, and the music was nice without getting in the way.

My one comment would be that the use of some words like "wanna" or "dumbass" pull me out of the game's atmosphere a little by feeling a bit too modern for the scene, but it's not too big a deal and doesn't happen often

Overall I enjoyed playing TFWM and it was well worth the price, so I'd recommend it to others even if they're not a fan of visual novels. Thought I'd review since there weren't too many here. TFWM is a cute game with enjoyable stories and believable characters; I enjoyed the pixel art and the general feel of the game. I liked the ability to rewind and see what effect different choices had on the story, and the music was nice without getting in the way.

My one comment would be that the use of some words like "wanna" or "dumbass" pull me out of the game's atmosphere a little by feeling a bit too modern for the scene, but it's not too big a deal and doesn't happen often

Overall I enjoyed playing TFWM and it was well worth the price, so I'd recommend it to others even if they're not a fan of visual novels

It was in September, 1997 – over 19 years ago (we’ll round that out to 20, for marketing reasons) – when us humble folk from Running With Scissors unleashed our Robotron-inspired isometric shooter POSTAL to the unsuspecting public at large. It was an instant hit, grabbing the attention of gamers, parents and politicians across the country, and we’ve been supporting and updating it ever since. But now, (almost) 20 years later, we are entrusting our fans with the future of our game, by releasing its source code to the public. Consider it a belated Christmas present!

It’s hard to digest how long ago POSTAL was released. Feels like it was only yesterday that our new fans were sending us wonderful e-mail to praise our work, and we received our very first lawsuit notice… ah, those were the days.
But it’s true – (nearly) 20 years have passed us by. So much has happened in that time, that it’s hard to even keep track of it all – an entire generation has grown into legal adults, while video games have evolved to levels of near-photorealism; plus we’re finally getting that VR tech that we’ve been dreaming of since before we released POSTAL. It’s been a long and eventful couple of decades, full of change and advancement, but there is one thing that has always remained constant – our continued support and updates for our baby. Thanks to the dedicated hard-workers in our team, the loving support of our fans and even the efforts by our detractors, POSTAL has seen a lot of activity during these many years – an expansion pack, a lawsuit by the Postal Service, an exclusive Japanese edition, bans in 14 countries across the world, re-released special editions, sequels, digital re-releases, an Android port, new updates with twin-stick controls, a novelization and even an enhanced modern remake. Not too shabby for one of “the three worst things in American society”, wouldn’t you agree?
The remake – POSTAL Redux – was an especially big step for us; a passion project to make the original POSTAL again, but do it better this time, rebuilding it from scratch and focusing on making the most fun and exhilarating twin-stick shooter that we could by patching up the unfortunately outdated design decisions, and improve the game where we could. We even used the opportunity to bring old content, which was exclusive to the Japanese release of the game, to the west for the first time! For anyone who really wants to see how far POSTAL has come in the last two decades, there is no better way than by comparing the original to Redux.

It’s definitely been a wild ride for us all, and POSTAL means a lot to us – it’s our baby… But now we’re ready to hand the future of ‘the little shooter that could’ to the public at large. People have been asking, and we have been promising this for years now, but today we are proud to announce that the source code for POSTAL is officially released to the public on Bitbucket, under the GPL2 license. Everyone now has ‘under the hood’ access, to see what makes POSTAL tick, and anyone with the time and skills can now tweak/change/update/modify anything in the game at all! And hey, if anyone feels the urge to port the game to other platforms (The Dreamcast, for example *wink* *wink*), then they absolutely can!

This has been a long time coming, and we are tickled pink to see what the community will be able to put together from this (no seriously, someone get on that Dreamcast port. We’re not joking.).

POSTAL Open Source on Bitbucket[]. 20th Anniversary Community Update for POSTAL:

On this day, 20 years ago, the original POSTAL was first unleashed to the unsuspecting world at large, causing widespread reports of fun and entertainment across the globe! To celebrate this chronological milestone, we recruited a team of volunteer developers to lend a hand in updating the game, after we made its source code public at the start of this year.

Some of the update is old content and features that we've restored, while others are brand new additions made to improve the game. Some of the big bulletpoints include improved mouse controls, the previously Japan-exclusive levels from Super POSTAL, Japanese audio, LAN multiplayer modes, and much more!

List of changes:

  • Added new mouse aim controls (with option to toggle 'classic mouse')
  • Added levels 'Tokyo' and 'Osaka', from Japan-exclusive release
  • Added option for Japanese audio, from Japan-exclusive release
  • Restored 'Santa Patch' content (activates around Christmas time)
  • Restored Multiplayer modes (only works over LAN)
  • Restored 'Coat Color' option
  • Added slider for changing frequency of NPC 'pain' audio
  • Added Level Select menu
  • Restored Challenge Mode selection
  • Added new Campaign options
  • Restored 'Demo' mode
  • Improved presentation of ending cutscene
  • Fixed 'Crosshair' toggle option
  • Added annual mystery surprise
  • Lots of 'under-the-hood' changes and improvements
And this isn't all. Among other planned features, our team is already making great strides in creating tools for the creation of custom levels for the game, which we will be including in future updates.

We hope you all appreciate the work that our fine volunteer team has done so far, and that you all look forward to the good work that they continue putting out!

:HESSTILLGOOD: Happy playing! :HESSTILLGOOD:. POSTAL Redux is out!:

A full Remaster of POSTAL, made from the ground up, has now been released!

Check out the new Rampage mode, it's rather fun!

Co-op and more maps are coming as part of a FREE future DLC.

Leave us a review, too! :HEALTHFUL:

. Update for POSTAL + Mac Update Available!:
Greetings, POSTAL fans! We have a small patch for you today that fixes the broken Gauntlet mode in the Linux version.

Additionally, the Mac version has been updated to include all the new features from last week's patch, including full controller support! Enjoy!. Merry Christmas with the Santa Patch!:

As you may have noticed in the patch notes for the last big 20th Anniversary Update, one of the features that we've brought back in is the original Santa Patch content. This was a free patch that we released on our website back in 1997 as a holiday gift for our fans, which we have now brought back into the Steam version of the game. It activates automatically from now, until December 31st.

What the patch does is replace the 3D models of the Grenadier enemies to ones of Santa Claus himself, the grenade and molotov models to those of Christmas presents and the ostriches to reindeer. It also replaces some of the enemy voice clips to new ones of Santa Claus chastising The Postal Dude for his naughty behavior.

We hope this retro holiday addition brings some joy to your holiday season, and that your violent video game rampage feels appropriately festive!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,
:HESSTILLGOOD: Running With Scissors! :HESSTILLGOOD:. POSTAL 1 goes on sale and receives major controller improvements!:
Salutations, fine members of the POSTAL community. We come to you today with some exciting news for POSTAL 1! Not only is the title on a 90% off sale for the next week, it has also received a big update with several major improvements.

POSTAL 1 is, of course, the quaint little isometric third person shooter that launched a series and played an important role in gaming history. However, when viewed today in contemporary eyes, it’s often seen as having one glaring problem: the clunky tank control scheme. This control setup has not aged gracefully over time, and we’ve heard the many requests from fans to introduce more modern twin stick type controls. We were able to implement these when we released the game on Android via the Amazon Appstore[], and today, we are happy to announce we have back ported these improved controls to the Windows and Linux versions!

We have also added the following improvements:

  • The Special Delivery expansion levels are now relegated to a separate campaign option in the menu due to popular demand.
  • The HUD status bar now displays the required percentage of hostiles to eliminate at all times for convenience
  • The crosshair is now a floating crosshair instead of the old ineffectual lock-on crosshair and is enabled by default.
  • Proper widescreen aspect ratio and monitor support

If your potato was unable to run Hatred, you can now check out the game that inspired its creation while still enjoying the benefits of modern twin stick controls!

Sorry, Mac men and women, we were unable to get these updates ready for you. Fear not, though, as you’ll be receiving the massive and long-awaited POSTAL 2 collective update in the very near future!

And as long as you’re dropping money on sale items, be sure to check out the excellent first person adventure game Ether One by our buddies at White Paper Games, on sale now at 75% off!

Oh, and don’t think we’ve forgotten! News about POSTAL Redux, the HD remake of the original POSTAL, will be coming soon!
. Recruiting Wannabe Devs for POSTAL Community Update:
If you're a fan of POSTAL with some knowledge and skill in game development, or if you're just someone looking to get your foot in the video game industry and to have something to put in your portfolio, then we have an opportunity that might just interest you.

We're offering the community with the chance to work with us in creating new updates for the classic POSTAL title. Your work would be included in future updates of the full game, and you would receive full credit. Interested?

Click Here for details[].

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