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Original Title: Mother's Mercy

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Fantasy,Romance

















































Stannis awakens to find the winter storm has passed, something Melissandre attributes to the Lord of Light and the sacrifice they made. He also learns that half his army has deserted him and someone close to him has committed suicide. He nonetheless marches on Winterfell but the Boltons are waiting for him. At Castle Black, Sam asks Jon to send him to Oldtown so he can learn to become a maester. Ser Davos pleads Stannis' case but the Watch simply doesn't have the forces to spare. Jon Snow doesn't realize the extent to which some of his men disagree with his actions. In Braavos, Arya visits Ser Meryn Trant and strikes one name off her list. She pays a heavy price however. In Dorne, Jaime, Myrcella and Trystane say their farewells and set sail for home but Ellaria has the last laugh. In Meereen, Ser Jorah and Daario set off to find Daenerys while Tyrion stays behind with Missandei and Grey Worm to govern the city. Daenerys has traveled to a faraway and unfamiliar place. In King's Landing, Cersei decides to confess and pays a heavy penance.
Daenerys finds herself in open country after her exhausted and wounded dragon has set her down and she is soon surrounded by hordes of Dothraki horsemen. Back in Meereen Jorah and Daario set out to find her, leaving Tyrion as regent, helped by Varys. Stannis's attempt to take Winterfell is disastrous - although it affords Sansa and Theon the chance to escape - and there is severe loss of life, culminating in a meeting with Brienne, still out to avenge the death of Renly. Melissandre escapes to Castle Black, where Jon is facing mutiny and Jaime departs from Dorne with Myrcella, who is aware he is her father, though they too encounter treachery. Arya has her revenge on Trant but in disobeying the Many Faced God by not killing the appointed victim she also ends up being disadvantaged. Cersei is forced to perform a walk of shame by the High Sparrow but is saved from total humiliation by Qyburn.

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