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About This Game


We want to clarify why this game is being released in early access instead of using crowdfunding. One reason is that it introduces players to the basic mechanics of the game early on, allowing the community share ideas for improvement while the game is still being developed. Although we are a small team, we have worked diligently on this project for almost three years and still have a long road ahead of us until we can expand our development team to speed things up. So please be patient as we continue to improve the game and add new features. We want to deliver the final project as fast as possible, but we also want to ensure it is polished and optimized. We believe feedback from early access is the best way to ensure a quality final product.

Current state

In the actual state of the game, you can freely express your dreams of building mighty castles of large scales or tiny medieval villages with a focus on realism. On the other hand, you can turn off all real physics restrictions just to unleash your fantasy.

Under construction

Currently, we are working on the village simulation mode, where you will take care of a few villagers, and together build a fief, by gathering resources, attracting wanderers to join your community, Taking cares of your dwellers, so they want to set up families. Also, we would like to make sandbox mode full of casual people doing their jobs.

Long term plans

Once simulation mode is done, then we would like to add less optimistic simulation, where bad stuff happening. You will have to even defend your fief of thief raids.


This game is still in development. Initial Early Access release may not have all these entire features initially implemented but we will continue adding them over time. Follow Early Access release notes to keep informed about updates and additions. 1075eedd30

Title: World of Castles
Genre: Indie, Strategy, Early Access
Hammer Games
Hammer Games
Release Date: 16 Sep, 2017


  • OS: windows 7 and newer, 64bit
  • Processor: i5-3570K / FX-8350
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 750 / amd 270x
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 10 GB available space


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No, claimed there was siegeing and battle, there isn't, and its slow.. This game has a good concept to it, but needs some work on it. here are my ppros and cons of this game.


-Good Concept
-Good Building Editor


-Building Snapping
-Needs better building functions
. I normaly refund games when the frame rate is to low, Im keeping this one because it seems like its got a lot going for it.. This is soo good. Game I was waiting for.

0.47.1 - Civil Defence:
This update brings up whole new level of AI to computer-controlled ships. It adds curiosity to discover interesting things, fear of danger and wrath to defend themselves. With this update civilian ships are no longer easy prey.. 0.63.3 - I find your lack of updates disturbing:
Development of every commercial game consists not only of making the game itself, but also many assorted tasks, that are not directly visible to you players. Things like negotiating agreements, securing financing, handling marketing and other boring yet required stuff. They took over the recent month, but it's now time to get actual game update.

0.63.3 is a fix/re-balance release. Changelog:

  • Upgraded Godot Engine to 3.1.1.
  • Made sure that ship won't hit anything during initial cutscene.
  • Re-balanced damage to thrusters and reactor. It's now harder to get choke and leak.
  • Fixed OMS being to dark in presence of shiny crystals.
. v0.26.3: Hotfix edition:
This hotfix edition fixes the demo crash-to-desktop problem when demo is about to end.. 0.44.0 - Cogs of Wisdom:
0.44.0 brings significantly improved AI. Computer-controlled ships can now plot a valid course, avoid obstacles and now maneuver with great propellant efficiency.. 0.29.1 published:
Version 0.29.1 published, featuring:
  • Added in-game keyboard mapping editor.
  • Added community-supplied French translation by Augur.
  • Fine-tuned sound effects for jury-rig menu.
  • Fixed text missing from in-game HUD.
. 0.43.3 - Insecticide:
This is a bugfix release. Changes:
  • Adjusted mass driver mountpoint for K37.
  • Reactor radiators light now correctly affect the damaged parts of the ship.
  • You can no longer crash into asteroids during cutscene.
  • Repairing your ship now resets jury-rig levels.
  • Propellant mist on Enceladus now appears correctly around the ship when disconnecting fuel lines during launch sequence.
. 0.41.0 - Rust Bucket:
Fist post-Christmas release comes with visual improvement and further expansion of Enceladus Prime station. Changes:
  • Damage and wear is now directly visible on the ship.
  • Added pre-flight inspections on Enceladus Prime.
  • Launch sequence will no longer crash ship into the station when some of the thrusters are broken.
  • Fixed mineral market hiding out of the screen on vertical-oriented displays.
. 0.43.0 - Drive of the Mass:
This release restores visibility of weapons in game. It required re-design of all the weapons so they no-longer obscure the excavator. Full changelog:
  • Weapons are now visible in-game.
  • Improved performance of large, high-speed asteroid impacts.
. v0.23.1:
ΔV: Rings of Saturn v0.23.1 just got released. Features:
  • Game is now on full-screen by default.
  • Added colorblind mode.
  • Camera zoom now reacts much faster on both mouse and gamepad.
  • Improved performance.
  • Visual tuning of background rocks.
. 0.30.0 published:
  • Expanded HUD of the autopilot to show engagement and velocities.
  • Added some context-sensitive tutorial hints to the game.
  • Adrenaline booster key now can be assigned in the menu.
  • Fixed problem with settings windows closing when user clicked outside of them loosing settings.
  • Changed the default keymapping.
  • There is maximum 5 keys you can bind to an action now.
  • Cosmetic changes to the menus.
  • LIDAR display window will no longer be stretched.

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